Most Current Blockstack Browser


Maybe there’s already a fix for this, but I’d like to see something added to the homepage that allows me to check if I have the most current version of the Blockstack browser. So sometimes I get prompted that there’s a new update, but other times I don’t get anything. It’s possible I have a setting wrong, but it’d be nice if there was just a button I could click (like in your iPhone) where I can just check to see if an update is available.



This is a great idea!

On mac, you can option-click the blockstack menu and check for updates.

We should definitely add something product/platform wide though. Can you open a feature request on github?


Thoughts - a good place might be in the browser “settings” tab section, as another clickable item along with “storage providers”, “change password” …


Thanks for sharing the option-click! That’ll make things much easier.

And I’ll be sure to open up a feature request on github.


This seems like a good location; I added your suggestion to the “feature request” on github.


Thanks for doing that.



No problem! Your suggestion made a lot of sense to me.