Media files in Gaia


Quick question, can we store media files like music/ video data in GAIA.
Will it be encrypted ?
If so how the encryption is done and are there any specific configuration that needs to be done for this?

Please let us know.


You can store media and music files. Encryption is no different than other file types. putFile is configured to encrypt files by default unless you set the encrypt option to `false. You should be aware that there is a file size limit on the Blockstack PBC provided gaia hub that will likely make it impractical to store large video files.


Thanks @larry May I know the size limit.


I referred this post: Any data storage limit for current default Blockstack Gaia hub?

The size limit is 5 MB.

Any chance that this can be increased or in future road map.


The size limit is actually 25MB. But, this is specific to the public Gaia hub that Blockstack PBC runs. If you want to remove this limit, you’ll need to run your own hub (instructions here).


You can also separate the files into blobs of 5-25mb and then put them back together on the client side. Might even help with streaming/buffering things, who knows.

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This is exactly how common web video streaming formats like HTTP Live Streaming and Dash - they device video up into many small files and devices download each file as it is needed.

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@jude Why can I upload over 25Mb files when I use xor drive( ?


Thanks @larry & @MichaelFedora and yes I got the funda with video blobs.
@jude The link is not reachable.


They split the files up into smaller chunks before storing.


Yes, we split the files into chunks before storing.