Why do my original recipes not show up once clicked on, but the default recipes do?


I think the app is not well maintained.

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Hi Michael, thanks for trying the app. there was a bug and i fixed it. Please check now. Thanks once again for bringing it to my notice


@neha03 Great to see you active here :slight_smile: I had to re-login, works for me now. However, I still can’t edit any of my data :-/

Are you interested in providing a blockstack id in your web manifest to declare ownership of the app? Then it is much easier to contact you. Like described here: App Ownership (on OI App Center and elsewhere)

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Thanks Friedger :slight_smile: , I’m going to ship the edit feature in the next release, may be in a week.
I like the idea of declaring ownership of the app through my blockstack id. Going through the link you have provided, will get in touch if I face any issue.