Looking for Alpha Testers


Hi, I’m planning to release simple social app like friendfeed in a week. I need couple people at the early stage. DM me if you want to volunteer to test please.

Notice: App data may be lost in the alpha version.



I’m interested in being an alpha tester…



I’ve sent the invitation code to the participants, and we started to test with @Kitsana . I got great feedbacks from him.


I’d love to test. Be well


HI, is this still open? I’d love to help you.


done :+1:

btw I’ve added brand new tag component. It has 3 actions. “follow”, “unfollow”, “go to tag wall”


hi! i’d be happy to help out and test as well if needed :slight_smile:


I would like have a try,Did your app support blockstack?


Of course. You need blockstack browser & id. Let’s break something.

All invitations sent.


Thanks - where is the invitation?


Would love to help if you’re still looking for alphers


I am happy to help as well.


@jwm check the page source :slight_smile: fupio.com
welcome everyone who can read page sources.


Thanks… good work.