Login BlockStack Browser Online


Hey there,

I have an application that logs in to the blockstack browser, I would like to login without the need to install the blockstack browser, only online.

I have already changed the manifest.json and the application does not redirect.

Can someone help me ?


@renatoayres.id, I just tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Only on Chrome, I get a redirect to this page:

When choosing the second option, I can login with the browser-based Blockstack.

My question to @larry: How does an application needs to redirect to that page and why doesn’t this work on Safari and Firefox?


The app developer doesn’t need to do any aside from upgrading to the newest version of blockstack.js. Blockstack.js has a default protocol handler to send users to https://browser.blockstack.org if the local browser is not installed.

That app looks like it’s using an older version of blockstack.js.

As a user, make sure you have uninstalled the local Blockstack Browser and deleted it from your machine. Otherwise, log in will always open there.


Tnx so much @jehunter5811, I was thinking something in the direction of a blockstack.js update.

I guess @renatoayres.id, that will work for you?


Then again, some of the Blockstack advertised apps under the banner “user-ready apps” also need an update :).

Correction: Works on Chrome, not on Safari and Firefox.


@jefvanbockryck The login works well on Chrome. But Firefox and Safari does not redirect.

Thanks @ jehunter5811


Tnx @renatoayres.id, so I am not the only one.

@larry: Is it correct that this feature only works on Chrome?


Just verified it’s not working in Safari. Not sure if that’s expected or not. I was pretty sure the updates to blockstack.js made it so that redirect to browser.blockstack.org was the default (since this is how mobile web support on iOS works…