Linux Walkthrough


No, I’ve set it up using the Git repos, and have blockstack core in a Python virtualenv. I added the protocol handler manually, and I just npm install-ed all the things for the node server.

So I basically run a dev environment setup.


Hi @odinho ,
I wonder if you did manage to get over the sensible-browser issue you had.
I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 (thought it was the easiest/fastest way to set up a new system) and in my case, xdg-open insists on opening Firefox when ran for the script. If I use it from the CLI, it opens Chromium has it should.


Hello @jude Jude,

thanks for the clarifications on the use of the keys and passwords, but it seems I’m still running into a problem when trying the helloblockstack app.
My installation on Ubuntu 16.04 went OK, and was close to wat I are suggesting in this walk-through. (I used the installation script from the Docker site to install docker)
So, I managed to get the blockstack-browser up and running BUT when I try to run the helloblockstack app, it opens a new tab and then displays a modal dialog saying:
Sign In Request
Loading app details...
but then waits forever.
I suspect there must be some mismatch with keys and access rights, but can’t figure out which one, nor decide where to look to find out.
Any idea?


I have the same problem, been trying to figure it out for 2 days