Linux Sign In Problems


I have a Graphite user who needs some help. Posting here and opening a bug in the Blockstack Browser repository. I’m copying and pasting his message to me so you can see the steps he’s taking, but basically, he’s getting stuck in an endless loop because (maybe) the browser is not providing an auth response? Or not actually restoring his ID?

  1. I start at and click on the “Sign in with Blockstack” button.
  2. I get a pop-up and select the “Sign in with an existing ID” button.
  3. I am asked for my “Secret Recovery Key or Magic Recovery Code”. I provide my Secret Recovery Key in this case. I get the same result using my Magic Recovery Code but it takes more steps.
  4. I am asked for my password which I provide.
  5. I am asked for my email address which I provide.
  6. I get a “Restoring your Blockstack ID” info screen.
  7. I get a screen informing me that my ID has been restored. I then try to click on “Go to Graphite”.
  8. I get a “Select an ID” warning screen that tells me that “Graphite” wants to read my basic info etc. I select my ID in the purple button. At this point I get taken back to the original log-in screen (Step 1). I go through the same steps logging in from Blockstack ( except when I get to Step 7, I get a button to “Go to Blockstack” (see screenshot_09). I then get a menu of Blockstack apps and select “Graphite” (see screenshot_10). Then, I get taken to your website (see screenshot_11) and have to click on “Sign in” in the top-right corner. Then I got through the same merry process I’ve documented without any success.


I generated this error on Mageia 6.1, a 64-bit Linux distro based on Redhat and using Firefox Quantum 65.0.1 (64-bit).


Thanks for this report, and my apologies for the crummy UX you’ve encountered.

@zone117x @hank @yukan any thoughts on why this might be happening?


Also I wonder what parameters that we’re sending back to Graphite upon “At this point I get taken back to the original log-in screen (Step 1)”. @jehunter5811 have you been able to verify from a URL value provided by @bradfonseca that they all look correct? Or are we perhaps not redirecting him back with the right parameters (and consequently Graphite can’t complete authentication on its end)?


@markmhendrickson I was just informed by @jehunter5811 that the URL could be potentially used to decode my private key so I’ve withdrawn the message. Is there a way to get that URL to you without posting it here?




Oops! No worries. Yea, best not to share that link publicly, just in case. But I do have a copy of the URL you posted in my email now given the forum’s notifications.

I’ll check it to see if there are errors, and I’ll confirm internally whether there’s a security concern that you should be worried about having shared it in the forum. Stay tuned!


There isn’t a way to decode that without a key that is generated when you are creating the auth from within the app :slight_smile: if I’m not mistaken. You should be fine to post it!


Yep that sounds right, was told by @aaron as well that the data in that URL is encrypted.


Okay, here is the URL I am redirected back to (again):