Linkedin Verification


I have the same unverified status for linkedin everything else A ok.


Same problem as these other users. Please let me know how to resolve this issue. Thanks.


Same here for both LinkedIn & Twitter account. More detailed info for verification will help.
Also since it is public post, it affects someone who wants to do research.


Solution and correct way to verify is: in your linkedin post click on “Copy link to the post” and paste that link in verification section. It will work.
Tip: Don not past this link ""
Correct way, It will look like “

Same for other verification through twitter, github.


I have been having the same problem with my as well, tried twice and followed all instructions making the post public but never got verified

@jackzampolin here are the details, just tried again today:

ID: 1J52d8QdYWKxi5djaSisxmjGKcSqteBauD (

LI Link:

Clicked Verify, did hard refresh, nothing worked


Thanks @ShankarGanesh_PJ


also the same problem is for me:
I cannot verify my linkedin profile