Lightning Network


I am asking if there is any way of integration with lightning payment.

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Hi @minafarouk - is a great example of a p2p marketplace on blockstack with payments on bitcoin and lightning!


Yes this is good example. Any technical reference like “how to configure LND onto Blockstack” will help us.


I use blockstack auth token to validate with gateway microservice that talks to a local lightning node over grpc. I’ve abstracted the ui service code into an npm module so this can just be plugged into the ui - is locked down by cors policy.

Happy to talk more about the details - dm me on community slack.


there is also


We went through that, just got intro but not much helpful. Do you have any GitHub link or post which can be referred through.
The reason is, college students are making use of this Blockstack + Lightning for India Blockchain Hackathon (not CantBeEvil).


@dant please let us know in detail (as we can use in current hackathon).