Jude can you help with Stacks Wallet/


Hi Jude, I’m having some issues with transactions on stacks wallet, @MichaelFedora. Said you may be able to help. Can we dm? Thanks


Please ask here, if you don’t mind. There will undoubtedly be other people who will have the same issues.


Had a transaction to my stacks wallet bitcoin “topup” address and my wallet sees no transactions. I’m concerned. thx



Thanks! The transaction was definitely mined. It’s showing up renewed on the Core node: https://core.blockstack.org/v1/names/josephfoboyle.id (note the new renewal_deadline). I can also see the log entry for its renewal in the Core node running on my laptop.

EDIT: I also see the renewal transaction here: https://explorer.blockstack.org/name/josephfoboyle.id


I see that put my stacks wallet doesnt show any transactions. I’m concerned, I got into the ico and sent that wallet. Please help. thx


Jude, I think this is a stacks wallet issue. The transaction doesn’t not show in my wallet. I should have ico transactions in that wallet also. This problem is a major concern for me, can you pass me along to anyone who may be able to help? Thanks


CC @yukan. I’m not the best person to ask about wallet questions, but Ken is.


Hey, @josephfoboyle.id can you confirm the BTC fuel balance in the wallet is correct? The wallet will not display BTC transactions in the transaction history.


Can you check the balance displayed on the settings page before you click “top off”?


Hope that is what you are looking for, only other balance is on home page. Thanks for all of your help


The balance seems to match the balance from Blockcypher. What is the problem that you are having?


Ken, I’m a knucklehead, I was reading wallet wrong. Thanks for your time