Is it possible that blockchain can create worst than XX century dictatorships?

Yesterday I met physically (3d human form) with Larry. And I thought a lot about the possible negative scenarios for blockchain tech. So Iā€™m interested to hear what all you devs think about it. We spoke about a book to, a book that was deleted from internet, so I said that I will share it with all of you freedom fighters :slight_smile:

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It was great meeting you last night at the Sofia Blockchain Meetup @Jibry. Thanks so much for sharing this paper. I downloaded a copy for safe keeping and will definitely read it.

One possible negative impact of the identity technology we are using is that I could imagine a situation where governments require each person to have Blockstack ID and only accept Blockstack IDs that they have signed and then force you to authenticate with this Blockstack ID to do everything from buy food to use the subway.

Having said that, you can already do this pretty well with centralized ID systems. As we discussed last night, China is forcing all cars in a portion of the province of Xinjiang to install GPS tracking devices. Drivers who do not install the devices will be unable to buy fuel from petrol stations (which are all owned by the government). Across China, you are required to scan your ID card to take trains, planes and even the subway.

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We just need to build some ethical codex and stick to the achievement of operational freedom of individuals. You will read in the book :slight_smile: Peace keep the good work. The Descent of Decent :wink:

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This might still be an upgrade to the current system :wink: