Introduce yourself


Hi, my name is David. I am a beginner developer who is looking to contribute to my first open source project. I am all very interested in all things blockchain and crypto. I am currently based in Massachusetts. I’d love to get to know you so please reach out :slight_smile:


I am also fairly new to crypto, and I will attempt to answer your questions.

  1. If you are based in the US, coinbase is a very user-friendly and simple exchange. However, their selection of coins is not as vast as some other exchanges, and some users complain about fees. If you are looking for something a little more advanced, I have had a very positive experience with binance . com
  2. I find Mediumhas a lot of useful blogs. Specifically, the hacker noon page posts a lot of interesting crypto articles from a variety of authors.
  3. I just recently discovered the DApps channel which is great for approaching blockchain from a developer’s perspective. The videos are long, but they are dense, not filler.