Introduce yourself


I am also fairly new to crypto, and I will attempt to answer your questions.

  1. If you are based in the US, coinbase is a very user-friendly and simple exchange. However, their selection of coins is not as vast as some other exchanges, and some users complain about fees. If you are looking for something a little more advanced, I have had a very positive experience with binance . com
  2. I find Mediumhas a lot of useful blogs. Specifically, the hacker noon page posts a lot of interesting crypto articles from a variety of authors.
  3. I just recently discovered the DApps channel which is great for approaching blockchain from a developer’s perspective. The videos are long, but they are dense, not filler.


HI All

My name is Antonio, my block stack ID is

I am working with my colleague on an open art marketplace project. We are now close to have a functioning MVP. We are using decentralised user identity, decentralised user storage, bitcoin blockchain for provenance records. We have built real-time auctioning as well. There are so much tech details it would take me some time to write about it. I am proud to say we have succeeded in building a fully decentralised platfrom for art, but it can be used for anything else as well.

I am based in Berlin Germany, and Zagreb Croatia.


Anyone interested to pitch in on our project sends me a direct message. We are currently looking for testers and frontend designer to help us create a new type of marketplace.

Check out our project on - releases are every several h and its a big work in progress!

Support us by voting for our project in app mining reward program.

If there are any artist ( digital or media ) please contact me so we can unlock uploading art feature for you.



Hello, blockstack community!

My name is Kim, but you can call me Thinkverse or Think, I’m a freelance developer located in Stockholm, Sweden, I am currently not working on any projects related to Dapps, but hopefully I will in the future.

You can find my id.blockstack in the explorer here and my personal website at this adress


welcome. be sure to check out and look into our app mining program if you are looking to build on Blockstack! Let us know if you have any questions.


Hi to all, guys!
Nice to be here :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Lillian Foreman. I am new to the blockstack and I want to contribute to the community. I am a software architect by profession and a fond of crypto. I have graduated from Stanford university back in 2014 and since than I have been working with Cloudways who is a managed cloud hosting server provider. I was the prominent member of their team who created the one click solution platform for Cloudways and who made the platform sustainable enough to cater Amazon AWS web server.


Hey all! My name is Joe and I am a big fan of the BlockStack project. Woohoo!


@LillianForeman Welcome to the community! where are you based?


Hello everybody! I am an ordinary person interested in crypto and stocks and want to find here new friends!


Glad to see so invloved in cryptocurrency people here, as I am. Quick question: do you use any software for your work, like any trading bot? Because I tried such one and was very impressed with the result.


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