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Hi, All,

My name is Meng Gu, I live in Shanghai, China. I’m an IC designer.

I‘m interested in how to use distributed technology to change current IC design model, which include to build a DAPP to accelerate the current IC design model change to cloud-based design. If there is anyone who is interested in this topic, we can talk.



Hi everyone, I am Aras from Trudia - a service provider for news validation.

Trudia wants to solve the underlying problems behind “Fake News” and “Filter bubbles” while enabling better media for everyone. Currently, we’re building neutral computer systems validating news and media on the internet. We’re about to launch our prototype into beta and looking for interesting journalists, video producers and bloggers to test our prototype.

Validating news that circulate around the blockchain technology and within the blockchain community - is one of our primary goals. That’s is the reason we joined the Blockstack Community!

If you are interested in our project and/or have specific questions, please reach out!
Feel free to follow and contact us on facebook - -
and/or join our slack channel -


Hello Everyone!

I’m a 25 yr old scientist and entrepreneur living in Boulder, Colorado with an eye for design. I recently closed my first startup attempt and would love to join a new project. My favorite blockchain concept is micro payments of energy or information between fully autonomous machines and software systems.

My BS ID is (finally got the first “ted” on a platform :sunglasses: )

I have some experience with everything from children’s book sales to flying machine avionics but am most interested in UI/UX design and IOT hardware. Right now I am knee deep in FORTRAN77 :tired_face: so if anyone has something better for me to do please let me know!


My name is Jeffrey Ito. I am an entrepreneur, investor and producer. My background is Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California.

My current project is to build out my Bitcoin investing website to teach others around the world the benefits of owning Bitcoin. Bitcoin and the Blockchain are not going anywhere and we want to make sure everyone can get educated on the subject.

My favorite application of the blockchain is the ability to send and receive currency. I think Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, etc all have a high chance of surviving for generations.

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Stephen Malagodi, I’m in the Boston area.

Retired radio producer, concert promoter. Active photographer, mostly film.

I’ve been following the Bitcoin/blockchain developments for quite a while, wrote a few pieces for Bitcoin Magazine back in the day. I’m more interested in the technology and its use-cases than I am in investing, though I wish I had bought more when it was $10.

Anyway, the Blockstack project is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a long while, with lots of promise for the art and music world where identity and authorship are critical issues. Migrated over from

Looking forward to more developments in this space.


Hey Blockstackers!

My name is Tyler. I work as a Forester in Oregon. I spend most of my days in the mountains out of cell service and disconnected from the web entirely (yes, millennials can do that). When I get home at night, I like to follow whats going on in this space.

I’m working on setting up a lightning node right now. I know a little about Python and C++… but not much. I look at these little projects as a way to learn a new skill. I consider myself the average layman when it comes to computing, so if you need any UI/UX testing… I’m your guy!

You can find me and @bitficus on twitter.

Good luck developers! I really think blockstack has something special. I’d love to help contribute in any way possible.


Greetings All,

My name is Richard Cushing. I’m a business (mostly supply chain) and IT consultant living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and working for a firm headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

My interest in blockchain technologies has centered around cryptocurrencies and its use in supply chain transactions. I’m not working on any blockchain projects at this time.

Blockstack ID-17gk2Yd8YqP4yDCfbAQqfKjXLhJNkwEKjh

I write on supply chain and related business matters at Kinaxis and for our corporate blog at RKL eSolutions.

My introduction to Blockstack was triggered by a reference in George Gilder’s new book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.

Grace to you,
Richard Cushing

Since you are in Oregon (as am I) and you are wanting to test out UI/UX we should talk further and perhaps getting you in as one of the closed beta testers for Souq.


Hello everyone,

My name is Enes Altuncu. I’m a MSc candidate and teaching assistant at computer engineering department of TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Ankara, Turkey. Now, I’m working on cyber security field, more specifically, on public key verification and blockchain. Especially, I’m highly interested in using Blockstack in the field of cyber security since I think Blockstack has a very high potential to boom. So, I will be glad to meet some other Blockstackers to work on nice projects in collaboration. Also, it is good to have a network with the people with the same interests via this platform.

You can find me on LinkedIn or @altuncu My Blockstack ID: ID-1EjHv7Xmu3krrXiBTdHtK6z9VLaL7hVBAa

Enes Altuncu


Hi everyone,

My name is Avi, I am a full-stack web development freelancer at Toptal and I recently quit my full-time team startup to go into the world of indie making. My startup was a Blockchain based startup based on SteemIt so I have been in the DApp space for some time.

I had heard about Blockstack from time to time but never really got around to exploring it. I was recently going through its API and I really like it. I am looking forward to contribute to the dev ecosystem here and maybe launch 1-2 apps of my own.

My Blockstack ID is ID-1CYA733ju6n6VSnYtqymNfikoYBdwrJGvY and I can be reached through the social links on my website.




(Been on here more than a month and I just realized I should probably make an introduction post!)

My name is Southern Wolf, I’m a senior in college, majoring in business, hoping to go for an MBA in IT. I became interested in computer technology at least a decade ago and have since then educated myself in computer programming and IT. The first language I learned was Lua, then I formally learned Java in college, and have since moved mainly into web programming, both front and back-end, as my main programming expertise.

My current projects are managing the website for The American Capitalist Party and developing a steganography dApp for the Steem blockchain. To me, it is the application of blockchain technology in all possible fields that excites me most! I particularly love the applications of it for social media, with the current climate of censorship and deplatforming.

I was first introduced to Blockstack via George Gilders book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, so special thanks must go out to him for spreading the word about such a great platform being built here! :grin:

I am from the Southern US, but don’t let the cowboy hat fool ya, I’m not from Texas! :wink:

My Blockstack ID is: ID-1ErfBUz6mjx84U2M1Uk9LPsjY76eaCrSoj

I can be easily reached either through my Twitter or my Steem account! Feel free to reach out to me there, cause my bark is much worse than my bite! :wolf:


Hello everyone! My name is Quintin - I’m an almost-done grad student and huge product guy!

I’m currently studying Human Systems Engineering, so I’m consistently understanding the user and designing experiences accordingly. What can I say, I love people! I’m building a dApp on Blockstack right now and will be releasing it next week:

Huddle ( is a decentralized community platform focused on public and private groups. We believe the future of social is based around privacy, niche communities and credible, quality information.

My favorite application of blockchain technology is Bitcoin. The OG - and for good reason. My favorite thing about it is the ability to improve financial literacy of nearly anyone with access to the internet. Education is power. Financial education and experience is now open to much larger pool of global individuals.

Rap name or Blockstack ID? You be the judge - lilballercrypto

I’m based in Tempe, Arizona until Summer 2019. From there, who knows where I end up! If you’d like to know more about me or want to chat, connect with me on Twitter :slight_smile:


hi my name is hlqmdmn, I’m a pipefitter from Phoenix.


Greetings to all. I’m Irsyad from Penang, Malaysia. Currently, I work as Chief software architect in one of the tech company here in Malaysia. But for my personal interest, I am keen to contribute to this decentralize concept of technology and be part of the moving force. As of now, i don’t have any specific project in mind but will look into the next potential idea and suggestions.

My Blockstack id: isyirsyad
My website:


Hello! I am new too all this staff. Trying to find a way to know more and get some profits.


Hi everyone, my name is Alex. I am a newbie in the world of crypto, but it gains popularity so fast that I want to stay posted and learn more about the currencies and technologies from real people. I am based in Russia.


Hi all! I’m Nelly and I want to know about crypto world more. That’s why I’m here.


hi there everyone! i’m Will, who hopes to find something useful over here! Ntmy!


Hi! I am Jan, I am looking for a good crypto communtity


Hi, guys! I’ve been in crypto for a little while, just started to learn everything connected with it. Besides crypto, I’m interested in music, reading and video games. Here is my Reddit account so if you want to make friends, you are welcome. Summing everything up said above, I would like to ask you some questions, guys:

  1. What exchange would you advise to use for a rookie, like me? I’ve come across this one and what I liked is that they offer to buy with a card. Can you advise anything else to compare?
  2. What books/blogs on crypto and trading would you recommend to read?
  3. What youtube crypto channels are entertaining and not boring?
    Thank you for reading this and have a good day, everyone!