Introduce yourself


Some questions you might want to answer:

Who are you?
I am Jean Lucas, a Brazilian developer and also business owner (I have a software house).

What projects are you working on?
Right now, looking up for new projects.

What’s your favorite application of blockchain technology?
RIght now it is blockstack :smile:

What’s your Blockstack ID?

Where are you based?
Brazil, São Paulo

Where can we learn more about you? (link to personal website, etc)


G’day, to all my fellow Blockstackers, allow me to introduce myself, to any and all, who may give a flyin’??? My handle is, Tony Sargeant, I’m an easy goin’ Aussie, Songwriter/Poet/Copywriter and all round Raconteur, who tells a rippin’ yarn. I 'm a good horseman, a real dab hand around a barbie and I hate a cold beer and good, full-bodied red. I am glaringly aware, that although some of these attributes, may be of some use given the right circumstance, they are about as useful as an ashtray on your Harley Davidson, in the internet world. So, accordigly I have dragged my sorry carcass off to the online Code Writing Academy and I am attempting to get my head around, Javascript, Python, etc. etc. The truth is, I wouldn’t know an ‘npm’ from my elbow, but at least I know that you need one, sometimes. I’m currently camped, in a little hamlet by the name of Bendemeer, in north west New South Wales, Australia. Bendemeer consists of a school, a store, a pub, a one-man Police Station and a Caravan Park, heaps of sheep and good fresh air. It is about 40 kilometres north of Tamworth, Australia’s Country Music Capital. I’m in my 60’s and only really discovered the Internet, after having a stroke and losing a fair bit of physical prowess. I couldn’t let my mind be turned into mush, watching daytime T.V. so the obvious solution, was the World Wide Web. I was always too busy, doing physical labour,(workaholic) to really take notice of the internet before this, but I know that it is, a miraculous almost untapped, resource, that is under threat. It was invented, to be free for all and it should remain so, unrestricted by Government intervention. I will do whatever, I can to ensure that the original vision and manifesto, is adhered to. One thing that I have been amazed by, is the generosity and goodwill that you find in the internet community. I only hope that I am able to do my little bit to help keep it, in good order. I promise to try.


Twitter: - @LarrikinAussie
Instagram: - the_old_cowboy
Github:- @LarrikinAussie
Website: -


Hello everyone,

I am Cesar Moreno, a serial entrepreneur from Madrid (Spain). I am currently working as a board member in my company and as a Startup mentor here in Spain.

I love the blockstack project and my favorite application of blockchain are the DAOs and the identity based Dapps.

I’d like to help the community with any task related to the expansion of the project in Europe.

This is my LinkedIn:
This is my Twitter: @cesar3109


Hi Everyone,

My name is Dylan, I’m based in NYC. I’ve become very interested in the explosion of blockchain technology over the past few years. I’m most excited about decentralized identity projects (of which Blockstack is one) like uPort and Civic. Aside from trying out some of the available dApps from Blockstack, the blockchain project I’m most involved in is Democracy Earth-- a liquid democracy platform. It’s a very inspiring project that I highly suggest people check out, particularly if you are an advocate of becoming more self-sovereign in the 21st century!

My Blockstack ID is ID-1FZGeWfL553Yz6xMeaPa4TdwrBBE6E3XJy and here are some links to my online, centralized profiles:



Hi, everyone!

I’m Gabrielle. Previously I’ve worked with Pininfarina on design for growth. I’m a lifelong learner in tech, design, and social impact.

Just a few of my favorite projects right now with blockchain technology are CIVIL, ID2020, Truebit Art Project, Provenance, Codex Protocol, Maiden, the Brooklyn Microgrid, and most definitely Blockstack (honest truth).

Right now I’m based in Miami, but I love being able to move around. Milan and Mexico City are also in my heart.

I’ve been involved recently with the good people at the Miami Blockchain Society. And I am a supporter of #WomenInBlockchain and the Blockchain Inclusive and Diversity Pledge.

My Blockstack ID is 1M5Hv1oRyLJueFVQJHYCMTsN69LvSDCG2a. You can also find me here

Feel free to reach out and say, ‘Hey’ :slight_smile:

How has everyone’s experience been so far with Blockstack and blockchain communities?