Introduce yourself


Hi my name is Zac Meyers. I’m a Gen Zer and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the 2nd internet Blockstack is trying to estblish. I love the idea of a decentralized internet, And I hope I can help in some way. I’m a IT Major, currently in my 2nd year, and I understand more about android and windows/linux out of anyone I know.


Hi Blockstackers! :wink:

Well, im living in Vienna, Austria together with my girlfriend and our 2 year old son. After becoming a father my life changed, or in outher words, my point of view about life changed dramaticly.
As you can tell my mother tongue is german and not english, but I try my best.
Im working together with two frinds of mine on several projects all connected with Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology. We managed to get a Homepage live called for german speakers so our community can read al the relevant infos and news about this hottopic in german and may understand it a bit easier and better.
We are also working on our first ICO, writing a whitepaper and get things right. We still have a long way to go and a lot of research have to be done, especially when it comes to legal advisory. Beside this Im an artist, drawing, painting, writing, producing music.
Im a big fan of IOTA and think maybe this could really change a lot of things. Also I like the idea of holding all my personal Data in my own hands and giving just “view” access if necessery.
My Blockstack ID is Michalis. Like my real name.
I dont have a personal website, but as SilverSurfer Im writing articles on and you may find me on Facebook where my Artistpages name is “NotAnotherArtist”, Im just updating the Profil like once in a couple of months becase Im so busy with other things and Family.

Im still learning all about blockchain!



Hi everyone,

Excited to be joining the community. I’m a security engineer working for a small SF based startup and spend most of my time building out infrastructure. Background is in applied crypto and I have been following the various cryptocurrencies over the years.

A few months ago I read through the usenix’16 paper and was impressed by the security analysis and lessons learned sections. It’s clear that the team has thought a lot about this problem space and is using their experience to build a solid technology.

I have some project ideas that I would like to build out to get a better understanding of how the technology stack works. Hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to contribute something useful to the community!


Hi there! :slight_smile: I am

I am currently working on a cryptoeconomy and blockchain product, service and media channel advertising project.

Check out and own a piece of crypto history!

I am advertising the website on 12+ top crypto and blockchain related social media channels.

  • The Crypto Piece TM


Hey folks, watched a blockstack video on youtue and currently binging on the content.

Had to join the community, looking forward to learning and interacting with y’all.
Love anything that disrupts industries, i do client SEO but going all into crypto and blockchain.

i’m at London UK.
Peace and prosper



Hello my name is Dallas Devam.

I am working on a seed-to-sale application which is currently live and deployed to licensed producers in Canada.

I would like to re-create my old project on the blockchain which may have inspired much of what we have today; the neXusweb neighbourhoods and the Cybersphere; first virtual country in cyberspace which required encryption keys to join back in 1996. I wrote and essay about this technology back then called The People’s Internet which envisioned what blockchain is making a reality today where people connecting in commerce from around the globe directly with no middle man in order to solve problems like world hunger; I will post this later.
Search the way back machine for; look for the nexusweb
My original quote back then was “it is he who controls his own information who controls his own destiny.” I am so thrilled this vision has manifested into reality!!!

My favorite blockchain tech is the local project funding.

My blockstack ID is texduc

I am in Edmonton AB Canada.

I’m on linkedin; Dallas Devam


Hi All,

I’m Mike Cohen from Brighton UK. I’m running a meetup called Brighton Blockchain and am about to leave my job as lead developer at in order to focus full time on contributing to the Blockstack effort to decentralise the internet.

I’m interested in the both the technology and politics of bitcoin, blockstack and related projects. I’m fluent in java and javascript and real time technologies and am currently learning python in order to ‘cross the bridge’ properly into the blockchain world.

My main project goal is to build a decentralised voting application in time for a second referendum on brexit and see helping to build the yellow brick road to this destination as part of the effort!

My blockstack id is My test bed for development is and meetup site is

Best wishes,



Awesome Mike! Are you going to the Berlin event March 2?


I am now! Just bought a ticket. Thanks Patrick!



My name is Benjamin Shashou and I have just joined. I live in the United Kingdom, and I really like what you guys at Blockstack are doing - a fair Internet for all, where we dont have to give our lives information away just to have a necessity like email!

Im not in the tech industry, it took me a while to just get on here but I’m learning and trying my best. Good luck with all your projects, both to Blockstack and everyone else building decentralised services for us to all use without ruining our privacy. I hope you all succeed in every way.


p.s I would love to have the username Benjamin if someone isnt so fussy about it and wants Ben (my current one :smile: )


Hello all!

I’m Ivan from Spain. I’m excited about Blockstack folks are doing (especially regarding privacy), and looking forward to make the most of it. I’m a professional from the creative side, but would love to get deeper knowledge about this, it might change the world!

Best regards!


I am Shankar and I am passionate about innovation with latest technologies.

Know more about me @ here

Vision: To transform into an Intrapreneur - Thought Leader to bring & build new business opportunities + technical solutions to the organization.

My expertise is; not as developing intelligent systems (artificial intelligence) or building systems that can learn (machine learning), but as creating systems that can learn to be intelligent.

Solutionist: Disciplined Innovator + Agile product software developer + Rapid prototyping + Software Architect + Mentor w/ end 2 end delivery responsibility.

Specialties + Strengths - gets updated every Quarter:
BlockStack -DNS, Ethereum, BlockChain, Cloud/ SDDC- Openstack, Docker, RKT, K8, VMWare, SDN - ODL, Big Data, IoT, Security. Strong in C++, Python & GO.

Intrapreneurship in Action:
80/20 Rule; from usual Goals & productivity, I devoted 20% of my time for passion.
Rare gift: Empowered to design my work & craft job w/ responsibilities & prove w/ results.
2017: BlockChain based decentralized AI cloud + state data,
2013 -16: Nxt Gen SDDC Security Framework,
2012 -13: Cloud Blueprint, Mega City IoT (Research only)
2009 -11: Enterprise Federated Big Data Cloud platform for Business Intelligence & analytics.

Experience 11+ Years in total:
• 5+ years played different roles like Staff S/W Dev Engineer, Principal Engineer & Tech Lead @Intel Security and Bolt & nut for Product & Research teams
• 21 Months as Researcher @ ERICSSON
• 5+ years of Dev experience as Lead Engineer, MTS @ HCL-Cisco
• Technology evangelist
• Founder, Catalyst of CODC Cloud Computing Focus group; leading virtual team, played pivotal role in prototyping & exemplifying POC with business use cases
• Learning from leaders, mentors & role models.

Passion & Practices:
Researcher with a Solutionist attitude + Intellectual curiosity
Staying updated w/ Emerging technologies, CSAIL & start-ups.

Innovation Mgmt: Model + Design Thinking & Business Model Generation.


Hey everyone!

I’m Zach Valenti ( Brooklyn based, focused on media & tech.

Currently, I’m gearing up to start a podcast about crypto & decentralization.

You can learn more about me at my website.

Starting a crypto/decentralized podcast, would love feedback

Hey, I’m Steve and I have a podcast “block that chain”. My most downloaded episodes have been hands-on exercises using crypto and blockchain. So, I’m working on an episode the describes using the blockstack browser. Cool stuff, this Blockstack! I’m based out of the Salt Lake City area. I look forward to getting to know the Blockstack community.


Hi all,
I’m Ed, a CS student at University of Southern California. Just started taking a CS elective this semester on blockchain and I’m looking into Blockstack as a core component of my final project. Looking forward to grokking the white paper and all the projects and making something cool out of this! My github is Hopefully will contribute some PRs before the end of this semester!


Who are you?
I’m Tomis CaseyWilcox (TomisCW). I am an advocate of the blockchain technology in order to decentralize the internet by any means necessary. I prefer and push for PoC (Proof-of-Capacity) blockchains and cryptocurrencies or efficient, less power-hungry, PoW algorithms.

What projects are you working on?
Nothing blockchain-related at the moment but I have been researching into how it works at a code level for quite sometime.

What’s your favorite application of blockchain technology?
Currency (obviously) and cloud storage.

What’s your Blockstack ID?
1LFTNof5t6sYLrevos2tVJo3ZXGDEcs3DJ - Granted, it was meant to be used for openbazaar.

Where are you based?
South Carolina, USA

Where can we learn more about you? (link to personal website, etc)

  • Twitter: tomiscw
  • Discord: Tomis#2663 (no PMs, please. just point me to a server.)


Hey everyone,

I’m John, co-founder and CEO of Taskade ( based in New York City. We are building a real-time collaboration app for teams.

Had a lot of fun playing with apps using the blockstack browser, especially graphitedocs, thought I’d drop by and say hello.

Good luck with the project!


Who are you?
Cole Albon

What projects are you working on?
ELRN - an initiative to place educational achievements onto a public ledger.
(Sponsored by CBT Nuggets)

What’s your favorite application of blockchain technology?
Healthcare payment approval process. Patients need weapons to defend against shareholders.

What’s your Blockstack ID?

Where are you based?
Bend, Oregon, United States

Where can we learn more about you? (link to personal website, etc)


Hey fellow Blockstackers!
(lol I just realized I had saved this as draft awhile ago and forgot to finish it lol. )

Some of you already know who I am, but for anyone who maybe unfamiliar, let me introduce myself.

Who are you?
A: My name is Ty and I’m a voluntaryist who believes all human relationships should be based on consent.

What projects are you working on?
A: I’m currently the lead developer of Souq, the decentralized project tagging & funding application. (think decentralized kickstarter)

What’s your favorite application of blockchain technology?
A: Blockstack of course :slight_smile:

What’s your Blockstack ID?
A: I have a couple, but my main is currently

Where are you based?
A: I’m based out of Oregon

Where can we learn more about you?
A1: Visit or our Souq Github
A2: Watch the original Concept Video or check out the recent Beta Video Demo
A3: Follow me on Twitter @CryptocracyIO

If anyone is interested in learning more or in helping Souq get into the hands of people, feel free to send me a DM.


Hey there,

I am Thomas, a digital product designer based in Munich, Germany. If not tinkering in front of screens, playing as often as possible in the mountains.

Super excited about finally building a truly decentralised internet. Ages after we were super excited using things like Kazaa, while staring at our telephone modem.

My Blockstack ID is:
On Twitter you can find me @digitalwaveride.
More about me and my work on

Great to be here!