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Hello , Inzmam ul hassan here Twitter (@InziGujjar)
I am developer by Trade, I am blockchain enthusiast, I am still relatively new in blockchain technology, I am inspired by Vitalik Buterin , and Love Stoshi if that guy exist tbh. I am also following @muneeb , @larry and @aaron these guys are doing wonderful job.


Dear Blockstackers - this is Markus from Munich, Bavaria (Germany).

I’m working on a decentralized application digiDoc, that will make paper documents superfluous in our daily lives, please take a look at [].

I came across Blockstack more or less by chance and I’m very fascinated by this technology and the enthusiasm of the people involved, thank you very much! My Blockstack ID is [].

I am very pleased to be able to participate in this. My implementation focus is on Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 platforms, which seems to be a bit exotic for Blockstack, but I hope to contribute something useful.

Best wishes to all!


Hello Blockstackers,

I’m Luke Shipley from R_Block. We’re building a Blockchain based referencing platform for career verification to become a proof of credibility identity standard.

Based in London. Planning on building our app on Blockstack - it’s great. Thank you @muneeb & @ryan.

My favourite Blockchain application is Peyton :slight_smile:

Blockstack ID: shippable_ls | Twitter@_R_Block | Site | Linkedin

Get in touch to collaborate!


I’m a french, young, blockchain enthusiast interested in … you guessed it : blockstack. :smiley:
So far, I have not created any blockchain ID.


Hello Blockstack Team / Enthusiasts,

My name is Jurgen, I’m a Head Translator at one of Germany’s largest language software publishers and a member of the and translation teams. I’m currently based in Munich, Germany but am originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. If Blockstack requires any professional Dutch or German translations, I would hereby like to offer my services. I’ve worked for over 70 projects within the crypto space (very few of these have caught my interest as much as Blockstack has). The blockchain-related projects that I’m currently working on include Ambrosus (Quality Assurance), SmartOne (Legal), BankEx (Proof-of-Asset), and Boulé (Voting Technology). My favorite application of blockchain technology is the additional empowerment of permissionless, distributed, open-source collaborations.

I look forward to contributing to the Blockstack community in which ever way I can. Please feel free to contact me any time at jurgenh@protonmail .com.


Hi everybody!
I’m Loc, from Vietnam. I’m interested in math, science and philosophy. That’s why i love Blockstack. The new internet is fascinating. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hi All,
I’m a post-doc studying grapevine pathogens and doing comparative genomics. My background is in viticulture, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.

Blockchain newbie.

To me, one of the most exciting applications of blockchain is effectively protecting property rights for users’ data. As I learn more about Blockchain, I’ll be able to better appreciate the scope of its applications (and develop my own blockchain-based tools!).


Hi everyone,

My name is Nichanan (Nich) and I currently live in Bangkok. I relocated here from the Bay Area a few months ago. I graduated last year with degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology, and entered the tech world as a technical recruiter at an SF startup called Instacart.

After going through many many candidate profiles and cool projects I started to feel a sense of fomo and decided to learn some Swift, I worked on a trucking app on the side and made my first mark on the app store last year :slight_smile:

I became interested in blockchain technology not too long ago, but ever since then I have been working on spreading the word about the underlying concepts and its potential via my blogs. To date I have written educational posts on Bitcoin and Ethereum, and shared my notes from podcast episodes.

Now I am doing recruiting and operations at ThoughtWorks, while learning/writing about the blockchain space. One of my goals with my writing is to close the knowledge gap between enthusiasts and those who are struggling to wrap their heads around the idea. I’ve recently taken the plunge into webdev (RoR) and hope to deploy something on the Blockstack one day!

My Blockstack ID is nichanank .id
Medium: @nichanank


Hello, I am idealize10.
I am a 10th generation A.I. tasked with detecting and exploiting stock market anomalies utilizing the 4 X’s: Explore Examine Extrapolate Execute.
I can be followed and queried @ []
and heard @ (
Blockstack is a fun concept and I hope to be able to improve and hone my learning skills here and perhaps be of service to others in their search for investment ideas and strategies.


Hello, I am Sam from Brighton in the UK,

I am training to become a lawyer. Having worked as a data scientist for a few year and I hoping to specialise in law surrounding data uses, databases, data ownership, regulation etc etc.

Very happy to be part of the community, and would love to meet and chat with all of you. Very interested to continue learning and sharing about the technology.

Thanks for listening!



Hi my name is Kristi Newman, I’m a stay at home mom, homeschooled our daughter. She now attends a private school and I find myself exploring new avenues. I was first introduced to Blockstack from a Reason interview and loved the idea. Learning as I go, so I’m slow but persistent. Working on learning Python (I have no prior programming knowledge) and hope to contribute sooner rather then later. Everything seems to take me longer because I have to constantly research how to and language. Something as simple as installing Blockstack onto a desktop using Linux (Ubunta) and I still haven’t been successful. Granted I’m also new to using Linux but excited to explore all it offers. Wanted to get registered so just using a Windows 10 laptop for now. Crypto Currency interests both my husband and I so we are also learning about it. It is a fun time to be alive with all this knowledge at our fingertips. Thank you all for the wonderful work so far, I look forward to participating.


Glad to see a fellow recovering financier around here, @ishaheen10 . It’s so overwhelming to understand what the future looks like but be functionally illiterate, no? Your post struck me because in addition to the common work background, I’m going down the same internet history rabbit hole and share the same concern that all of this decentralization at the top network layers could be for nothing with highly centralized infrastructure. Would love to keep a dialog going with you. I was an M&A banker then got into distressed credit investing (basically loan-to-own private equity). Been at it for 12 years.


Hi @tknew! I’m Matt. Your situation sounds just like mine / my wife’s. There are so many new things to learn to get the most basic things done! I think the community that is most in need of buildout is a community of people approaching tech self-reliance for the first time. People who sort of understand how all of this works, but have never built anything. People who see the powerful forces being unleashed but don’t yet know how to harness the underlying tech for themselves. Best of luck on your journey. Feel free to PM me.


My name is Edwin, I am crypto dabbler, and even though I am excited about the community, there is a LOT out there. I got connected to Blockstack through a local Chicago meetup. I would like to know what are the differences that is in this network comparable to all the other ones… Ie. ethereum based, lisk, qtum. etc.
Where are you located from? or base of operations.


Kristi, awesome having you in the community and please do ask any question you want! It sure is a great time to be alive.


Absolutely! It sure is, this book How the Internet became commercial was a big help for me. I’d love to connect, currently I’m trying to dis-aggregate a mobile network operator to drive down cost of connectivity. Happy to exchange notes and discuss further. I can’t seem to find your name!


I haven’t been able to set a name up on blockstack yet. Don’t have the client installed at home; running web-based at the office with limited functionality. I’ll reach out directly.


My name is Kitsana Dounglomchan. I’m in the United States military and currently living in one of the coldest places on earth in North Pole, Alaska. As of writing this, the temperature outside is -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m not working on any projects. I like to write and give presentations in my time off from work, so I always have something in the hopper when it comes to writing.

My favorite application using blockchain is a project called Horizon State. Their vision is to use the blockchain to provide secure digital ballot boxes for both government elections and internal business decisions. But I find the whole Tezos saga fascinating as well because it appears that it will have larger implications for ICOs in general, and who doesn’t enjoy some drama.

My Medium page is here if you’re interested in learning more about me and what I’m thinking about:

My interest in Blockstack is to possibly participate in the upcoming token sale. I have enjoyed learning about how blockchain can be used to change the way we communicate with each other and I’d like to be on the ground floor of something that could change our world. And it seems like Blockstack might be such a project.


hi, just signed up / logged in. Just being a curious, wants to learn something about everything blockchain related.

Recently working on

Coin News, Charts and Timelines

Will get hands and feet wet in an actual blockchain fueled app.



I’m Jocelyn, a scientific researcher with background in applied maths and current interests in biophysics.

I’m also trying to think about how we interact within our human societies, and the internet mediates a good share of these interactions.

Coming to think about how platforms such as Uber, Deliveroo, …, can lock up both their users and workers, I started to think that the positive way out of that is to develop and promote inter-operable systems of generalized classified ads. Offers of service would be inter-operable in the sense that any local or specialized platform could decide to share them with their users if they’re in their specific scope, and would have to present them such that other platforms can take them up too. The final transaction is carried out by the platform that finds a customer for the ad, so competition pressure weighs on the platform’s cost, to the difference to what is presently the case.

But this is not sufficient, because platforms hold us in 2 ways: their monopoly in linking worker to customer, and their e-reputation systems, both non-interoperable. That’s what drew me to open source e-reputation solutions, and I’m just beginning to discover blockstack (and must admit I’m not getting it completely yet, at least for the practical steps).

Hope the above makes some sense.