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Greeting folks. Newbie here.

My Blockchain ID is +findthomas

My interest is in seeing if the blockchain infra could be used for other “applications” besides crypto-currencies. So I’m interested in other proof of work algorithms, different remuneration models and in privacy-preserving computations.


Hi my name is Klajdi, I am part of a Fintech Startup in Albania, South East Europe, working on a bank-centric mobile payment platform. As a side project I am just starting a local community to learn and share knowledge on Blockchain Technology.

This Forum seems a great place to start :smile: Highly appreciate if you can suggest any link to check that could help the community get started (101 guides, communities, open platforms)


Hi Everyone

I’m Nick Meyne, from Brighton UK, and a bit of a noob to all this digital currency and blockchain malarkey. My blockchain ID is +nmeyne. But I am seriously interested in any coming revolution in payments platforms, digital cash and in tax and welfare use cases for blockchain… for a fairer and better world!. I’m an architect in Capgemini.




Hello fellow blockchainers. What excites me the most is how technology is freeing the world and pushing humanity higher and further. I am an optimist about the future and believe full abundance is closer than everyone thinks.

I am an entrepreneur, and have participated on the technology side of different industries (defense, energy, travel, online gaming). After my last startup I decided to take a break and check out for a bit. Spent the last year traveling, reading, and soul searching.

Have been aware of Bitcoin for a long time but never involved. Currently I am spending my time researching and learning everything “blockchain” I can. I want to understand the space inside and out. Sometime next year I plan to dive into my next startup and I am almost certain it will be related to blockchain technology (or whatever the proper term is by then). So I have narrowed down the exponential technology that attracts me the most but haven’t decided on a specific idea yet.

Found Blockstore a couple weeks ago. Have spent a little time playing with Blockstore and chatting in Slack. Really awesome community here, and I applaud the Onename team for kicking it off.

I am an open guy and try to help anyone with anything I can. We are all on this crazy trip together and I believe transparent sharing is the only way forward.


Edit: My blockchain ID is +justinguy, my email is, and you can follow me on Twitter @TheJustinGuy


Hi All,

I’m new here and trying to understand this technology.

I run a company that works with file transfers (e.g., an Excel file) between other companies. Security is always a huge issue, particularly when a company’s files travel outside of their network. So I’m wondering if blockchain technology would be a good way to secure files.

If anyone could point me in the right direction to figure this out, I’d very much appreciate it!

File transfer with blockchain


I’m James. I work at VidRoll, an ad-tech startup. We have several initiatives exploring the blockchain for online video advertising.

One of our projects involve a decentralized advertising exchange where advertisers, publishers and users interact directly. Identity is a key component. I found this forum through Blockchain Profile JS. I’m excited to learn and contribute; thanks for getting this community started!


Hello! I’m John Bailon, co-founder and CEO of Satoshi Citadel Industries, a Bitcoin startup based in the Philippines. We’re the team behind,,,, and

I’m also a founding member of the Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines.

Our company is currently focused on the payment rails abilities of the Bitcoin blockchain but we are making efforts to strengthen our blockchain R&D arm. We’re particularly interested in identity and asset management applications.

Lastly, I own a bunch of bitcoin related domains, if any of you are interested, check out for the list.
Looking forward to collaborating with you guys!


ola eu sou joao luis; brasileiro estou começando agora isso vale dizer que sou novato se porem me ajuda fico muito grato pela a a contribuição!!!


Hello there, I’m a 23 years computer user, 19 year “Internet” user and I’m living in Shanghai.
Currently I have a full-time position on IT management and software engineering.
Basically, I do internal project and haven’t do too much about open source project.
I am figuring out to register a id.
Looking forward to the upcoming “Second Internet”.
Thanks you guys!


Hey everyone, I’m Ryan! I’m one of the OG Blockstackers and I live and work in NYC alongside Muneeb, Jude and Guy.

Blockstack ID:


Hey, I’m Guy. I am working with the Blockstack core team, Ryan, Muneeb and Jude locally here in NYC. I am mostly working on design, front-end development and communications. Hope to meet more of you Blockstackers. Cheers.

blockstack id —
twitter — @guylepage3
github —


Hello everyone! I am Lee Quessenberry and I just generally love new and unorthodox ways of using the internet. I like discovering new technologies and trying them out. My current career keeps me firmly rooted in normal website design and development and I am decently proficient in maturing technologies like PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQLite, Drupal, Wordpress and the like. I am growing more comfortable with Composer and other package managers.

I like to tinker with Raspberry Pis and single board computers, old hardware like my IBM 5150, and Linux configurations and flavors.

My current project(s) are,, and yet to be built These are my pet projects and I intend to grow them. Coinrs is intended to be a community for altcoin and bitcoin enthusiasts like me along with other blockchain technologies including BlockStack, and BitcoinBronco is intended to chronicle and journal a day in the life of my brother and I restoring a 1994 Bronco we were handed down from our Dad. We intend to trick it out and use it as a showpiece and spokesmodel for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other related platforms.

You can find me at:

Twitter @lquessenberry
Instagram @lquessenberry
Pinterest lquessenberry



My name is Eric Stermer. I currently live in Providence, RI but originally from Binghamton, NY.

I got into coding after 4 years of not finding work in the field that I studied in college (Exercise Science) and decided to take my mothers advice she gave to me when I was in high school to take the path my dad took and get into software.

I am a junior developer, coding for about a year now, and I teach introductory courses to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, and the MEAN stack at General Assembly (no it is not the state congressional house haha).

I am super impressed with the current development of using the blockchain to change the way we use the internet, making our lives better and highly motivate to be involved (which I am assuming someday this will become the standard).

My Blockstack ID is

You can find out more about me @


Hi everyone! My name is Jeff Kaplan. For past 3 years, I’ve worked at a venture-backed SaaS company called Socrata on the business side of the business focused on selected fed agencies, international organizations (eg, World Bank) and non-profits. I am energetically interested in my next startup having blockchain technology in their product suite.

I’ve known about blockchain for quite some time, but never saw it touching my work. Until I had a minor epiphany. For a lot of organizations, businesses, and gov agencies I work with across many verticals, one huge pain point they wrestle with is identity management – whether it’s the identity of people, goods and other assets (like IP), or transactions. Our SaaS offerings revolved around our data sharing/distribution platform, but it is clear how much more utility it would have if blockchain were the platform on which apps and solutions were built – in every vertical I work in from finance and transport to agriculture and health.

Among other things, I am intensely interested in uses of the Blockstack browser! I also recently wrote a short piece for Huffington Post on possibilities of using blockchain for voter registration records.

You can find me at:

Twitter: jeffkaplan88
Blockstack ID:


Hi Everyone,

My name is Patrick Phillips.
I founded HereLab. (

In short: We are seeking a core blockchain partner and like where Blockstack is going.

We are a design-build IoT product and service consultancy. We design products and processes to people increase community, company and environmental sustainability. We are finalizing v2 of our modular IoT hardware for agricultural and architectural sensing. We work on hands on POCs with businesses, universities and small cities to integrate IoT into “platform” processes.

— Blockchain Relevance
In very broad terms, we are trying to combine blockchain and IoT to help small entities (cities, farms, buildings) better control supply chains and to create sustainable value chains.

We will use our IoT hardware and consulting to impact business inputs (energy, fertilizer, QOS, care), outputs (product, service, contract) and feedback (financial, actuarial, relationships) — in architecture and agriculture.

By combining IoT with blockchain we feel we can reduce cost (labor, amendment and energy,) reduce overall supply chain third party costs, reinforce provenance and facilitate MSRP increases through provenance (brand value).

Reducing input/output cost and increasing brand value, while streamlining information and business performance, would provide small entities greater sustainability.

This “distributed collective” scenario could be applied to buildings with LEED certified status (an agreed upon energy use threshold) and, bound to IoT data, even homeowners and small businesses could exchange carbon credits…

— Blockchain Context/Design Partner
As for how we’re designing the system, there is where we need help. We have designed and built the IoT nodes, are developing proofs of concept (deployments).

Proving the exchange (for provenance and collective arbitrage) is the basic blockchain step.
Again, we seek a core POC partner.

Thanks for reading through this and for what you all are doing at Blockchain!



Hi all!

I’m Andres Cuervo, and I’m an artist and developer, interested in interface design for education and using the distributed web to facilitate that, which is my primary interest in Blockstack!

I own You can find out more about me at


I have been an M&A/Private equity deal doer for about 10 years, last 3 have been spent buying cell phone towers. Doing so led me to realise how concentrated power is on the internet, and what are some of the new sources of power concentration emerging (happening because Telecom business models are inherently weak and therefore are selling critical infrastructure today to what will become future monopolies). I got so bugged with the realisation that I’ve decided to quit my role, will be moving to the US in middle of May, goal is to de-centralise ownership, operations and maintenance of communication infrastructure, starting with cell towers.

Larger mission is to help take the internet back to it’s more glorious de-centralised past, such as what John Perry Barlow described in his 1996 manifesto, The Declaration of the Independence of Cyber Space.

I think this solution to the double-spend problem developed by the Blockchain protocol can be applied to govern communication infrastructure. Although since my background is Math/Deals, I’ve decided to spend at least a year educating myself on internet history, the politics around ownership of communication infrastructure and how sources of power are evolving.

Fundamentally I think we are algorithms and we can be manipulated very easily. I fully agree with Muneeb’s view that this notion of “Don’t be Evil” needs to change to “Can’t be evil”

Looking forward to connecting with you all in the coming days. I am Dubai based currently and on the board of Towershare Inc.


This is awesome. PM me on at @patrick and I’ll try to connect you with some technologists that you could potentially work with.



I am Andy Rosen co-founder of

I am interested in how the Blockchain will affect the media, entertainment and creative industries. aggregates cloud storage services and leverages the Blockchain for file sending and communication with automatic copyright protection, verification, full audit trail when sending, discussing, tracking, transacting and delivering important files, ideas, and intellectual property. All files, activity, and communication involved in a transaction are registered and stored on the blockchain.



A friend of mine introduced me to Blockstack and I was immediately confused and intrigued :wink:

After a bit of research I’ve come to realize that this technology would be amazing for many of the web applications I currently use (todos, notes, budgeting, etc.).

I’m interested in learning how to create simple multiplayer games using blockstack identities. My plans are to run through a series of simple projects to learn one concept at a time:

  1. basic app (the app tutorial)
  2. multi-user awareness (a simple app to view other users online)
  3. real-time-web multi-user (multi-user switch toggle with a lot)
  4. a simple game employing that (tic tac toe?)
  5. a game like go or chess.

Perhaps some of those steps can be combined, but I haven’t looked into how any of it works yet :slight_smile: