Initializing an auth request on a local Blockstack node


Hello, I’m trying to initiate a auth request using the examples from the blockstack-js github repo and I’ve been running into some issues. When I try to contact the endpoint I get a 403 Access Denied. Just to make sure I’m not missing a step I’ll try to briefly list everything I did to get were I’m at right now:

  1. Installed blockstack-js
  2. Installed its dependencies
  3. Ran Browserify to get the build.js
  4. Wrote a version of the auth example code with a second parameter in the redirectUserToSignIn function, that second parameter is the address to the local node endpoint for auth.

Maybe I’m missing a step in the app creation process.


Wow! Thanks for giving this a try!

blockstack.js sends authentication requests to the Blockstack Portal, not the Blockstack Core node. Blockstack Portal is where a user’s private keys and identity are stored. It generates the authentication request and sends it back to the requesting app which then verifies it. One step of verifying the authentication response is making sure the username claimed in the response is owned by the same bitcoin address as the private key that signs the response. This is achieved by using a trusted Blockstack Core node.

We’re putting together these pieces this week so that people will be able to log into this forum using Blockstack. Once that is done, hopefully it will be clearer to everyone how it works. We’ll also be in a better position to write better documentation.

Sneak peak:


That explains a lot lol. Well now I was able to get my code to communicate with my local node but now I get a message I’m missing a profile. Can I import my Onename id ?

Also when I submitted an auth request with no icon field in my appManifest, the JS in the auth modal page of the Blockstack-Portal throws an error and doesn’t show the page.