I cann't verify facebook account


verify this facebook account please…i do all the mentioned but still not verify…easily verify instagram and twitter but facing problem in facebook account…check please


I feel this a a cruel and deliberate act from the administrators because I followed all laid down Rules yet am experiencing same issues. Virtually all the 50 people I know have same issue. Why would an administrator fraudulently engage us in a task for a reward and yet close the back-end to make it work for us so we come complaining and it then seems like they know nothing about it. I maintain that it’s a deliberate act.


Hi Daniel, have you checked to see if your account has been flagged for fraudulent referrals? The promotion filters out accounts that exhibit behavior such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Registrations using the same name
  • Registrations with the same wallet address
  • Registrations originating in large numbers from the same IP address
  • Anything clearly programmatically created or created by circumventing the normal registration flow
  • Registrations with wireless phone carriers that have shown high levels of fraud

Please check the FAQ at https://hello.yournewinternet.com/#faq, particularly the information under “Why is my number being rejected?”

If you’re still running into the same issues, please reach out to support at [email protected].

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