I came here to avoid the blocked the Internet in South Korea


South Korea, The government is blocking sites like PornHub.

Korea is a small China.

The government is also trying to control Netflix.

I think the blockchain is the answer.

Can I create an app? For freedom


Yes, someone should build Porn website too (paying service by crypto currencies) or any kind of copyleft content website.


I guess here can be a hot discussion concerning your attitude towards Korea as a small China.


What I got from the context is the government of country X is blocking website Y.

I don’t care even if Y is Silk Road. The real internet should have YIN and YANG - i.e. Dark web (porn sites) - normal websites.


I think the real internet shouldn’t be blocked, only some bad websites.


Who decide what’s a bad website?


I mean the websites that are usually blocked (pornsites, virus websites, etc).


I don’t think pornsites are bad. Same with virus. Apple say jailbreak is bad, virus - but I think it’s good.