Huaren.News is a decentralized news comment platform,your data under your control!


Huaren.News( is a decentralized news comment platform. Another news comment platform, really?

There are lots of news comment platforms out there, and many of them are awesome. However, we’re moving towards a point where more people care about reducing their dependence on companies when they use technology.

Lately, people have realized the downsides of putting all of their trust and data in the hands of another entity. When platforms shut down, their data is lost forever. When you give them control of your data, you don’t know if they’re selling it or doing things you wouldn’t support. When they get hacked, your data is leaked.

Huaren.News exists to help you get away from those types of issues.

Data Ownership
When you write, and share you work online, you’re putting out a message that is important to you our the brand you’re writing for. It’s extremely important that you have full ownership of everything that you write. As time goes on, you want to have the ability to put that content wherever you want, and not have to worry about ever losing it. Huaren.News is built on technology that allows you to store the official record of your data wherever you want. That’s made possible by a technology called Gaia/Radiks.

Gaia is a unified interface that allows you to self-host your content, and store it on a variety of storage backends like Dropbox, Google Drive, or AWS.

Radiks is a pre-built server to index and serve data that lives in decentralized services. Specifically, it is built to index data that is stored in Gaia, and created using the front-end companion library, radiks.js.Because Gaia is just a key-value store, many applications end up needing to store an ‘index’ of all underlying data, in order to query it in a performant and flexible way.

When you write on Huaren.News, we simply aggregate the data you’ve stored, but your data still lives under your control. That means that if this site ever shuts down, you still have access to everything you’ve written. It also means that we can’t delete your data, or prevent you from exporting it to a different platform.

When you’re collaborating with others when writing, you don’t want your private data to be leaked before you publish it. With Huaren.News, that’s not possible. When you write, your data is encrypted using your own private key. This is made easy by using Blockstack, a platform that gives you full control over your identity. When you authenticate into Blockstack apps, your identity is controlled by a private key that only you have access to.

Whenever you save a draft, it’s encrypted before ever touching an external server. When you come back, it’s decrypted using a private key that only you have access to. This provides a level of security that other platforms can’t give you.

Despite being built on modern decentralized technology, Huaren.News is built to be as powerful and easy to use as any other news comment platform out there. You’re able to push a newa, comment news, and share with others with the speed and convenience that you’re used to.

It’s still early days for Huaren.News, so expect many features to be built in the near future. You can come back here, to the Huaren.News, to keep up to date with what we’re working on. Thanks for coming by

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great idea, hope it does well