How to use sub-identities


The docs indicate that in the IDs page of the Blockstack browser, I can “create additional, sub identities”. I have a couple of questions:

  • Do sub-identities provide meaningful isolation for the use-case of separate pseudonyms for privacy? That is, can anyone other than me determine that two sub-identities under my identity are connected to each other and/or my main identity?
  • How do I create sub-identities? I don’t see any button for that in the IDs page. Is this implemented yet? Am I missing something really obvious?

Yes, they are isolated from one another. In the implementation, each sub-identity is owned by a BIP32 hardened child private key from your seed, so no one can tell that any set of your sub-identities are related without learning your private keys first. See the BIP32 docs for details on how this works.

It’s there – you have to click IDs, then More, then Add another ID.


Excellent, thanks for your help!

I have a followup question: is there any relatively straightforward way to get an independent identity that is neither a sub-identity of an existing identity nor in the namespace?

  • I see in the Add another ID interface there’s an option to pay a little Bitcoin for a sub-identity in the .id top-level namespace.
  • There’s some outdated advice out there saying that sells identities, but…
  • just directs visitors to Blockstack now.
  • The Blockstack browser sign-up page (when you’re not signed in to an existing identity) offers only, no option to pay and get instead.

@Atheri Onename is an old name for Blockstack — it is no longer a route you can take.

You can add another that is not a sub-identity with the blockstack-cli command line. How easy that is depends on your own experience with the command line.


You can do this in the browser after you created a username in the profile section.