How to restore a keychain in blockstack CLI?


I created a blockstack ID using the new ‘native’ version of the blockstack browser on Windows.
Subsequently I started playing with the blockstack CLI.
How can I use the blockstack ID I created in the CLI? I’ve been trying to find a command that would allow me to restore my wallet using the keychain passphrase.

Also any resources about how the keychain works with the CLI would be helpful.


Hey @smo,

The CLI uses a different wallet system than the browser. There’s not yet a straightforward way to transfer names from the CLI to the browser–you’ll have to first update the name with an appropriate Gaia-hub zone file, and then transfer the name to your ID-address. I’m working on a tool that will make this automatic, so stay tuned!

EDIT: you may be interested in this github thread on the design of the browser’s keychain system :slight_smile:


Similarly to @smo, I am curious how I can transfer the account which I have registered on machine A using the browser over to the machine B where I am using the CLI when I have no .id linked to account in machin A, just the ID- and Keychain?

If I follow the steps above:

  1. update the name
  2. transfer the name

We are assuming that I must have a .id that I am transferring correct?