How to engage with Democracy Earth voters?


Hi Community, can someone please explain the process of engaging with democracy earth voters. It will be great if other app founders can share their insights about the same. I have been trying it for sometime but still haven’t been able to figure it out.

  1. I can see 26 stackholders there. Is there a way to engage with them individually?
  2. Are there any specific parameters that they are looking for? If it is shared, then we can make a better case in the comment section provided by DE.


Hi @vishnu thanks for the question and feedback! Right now, there is not a way to engage with individual stackholders. Communication can be done in the comments section of your app. The main parameters that voters engage in are whether or not they feel the app adds value to the ecosystem and if they feel the app should be supported. Have you been able to onboard and add comments in the debate section of your app?

I hope this helps!