How to check the registration progress/status of a .id.blockstack?


It’s been almost 48h since I registered a .id.blockstack but it still in progress, I wonder what are the variables dictating the time it takes.


What’s the name? Shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

#3 I have since used the 12 word on another device and it just load a random string as user name. In the original device I can see the little watch informing me it is in progress.


Hi @marios, It looks like hasn’t been registered and is still available:

When you go through the onboarding flow, make sure to keep your browser open until the registration transaction has processed.


I did keep it open until I got the popup informing a passcode would be sent to my email.
I’m trying again, after resetting browser and now I see status: “pending subdomain”, in


It looks like the registration for was successful. The name was registered for ID 1LG3wwqNaPQdxz5kpdn1kY2D51zPnBusBQ. If you own this ID in your browser, the name should be added to your Blockstack profile. Please be sure to save your 12 word passphrase in case you have to restore.


How to check that? Because it still looks pending for me.