How do create a namespace where names are sub-names of another namespace?


Is it possible to create a new namespace as complete sub-namespace of another one? For example a namespace for polls that’s tied to names from .id.
I know that there are sub-names in .id planned, but are they meant to get used for non-id things? (i.e.


You can register the name and then add some-poll as a DNS resource record to its zone file today. However, the name will still be owned by you.

What we are planning to add this year is the ability for to be owned by a separate keypair from, such that the owner of can issue a NAME_UPDATE that affects only its own name.


But that would result in having many mixed resources in the .id namespace later on. I could imagine things like


I guess it would be better to have separate namespaces for the first two things (.device, which hasn’t necessarily get tied to an id; and .poll which has to get tied to an id).

Doesn’t the .id namespace implies that the entities within it are identities?