How can we restore an existing keychain on another computer?



I wanted to experiment with Blockstack on my Windows machine and installed the blockstack browser. I just created a default ID and started verifying it with github, twitter etc.
I then discovered that I was limited in my development abilities on Windows and did another installation on a new Linux machine. I installed the blockstack browser on that machine too without giving too much thought about how I was doing it. Then I had to work on some other urgent stuff and when I came back to my experiment, I just couldn’t remember the password I had been using. I did a reset of the browser which erased my ID and created yet another one.
Now, I’d like to understand how I can add my other existing IDs to the current browser. I still have the three 12-word passphrases that I was instructed to write down when creating my IDs but I can’t see any way to instruct the browser to add them to my ID.
I tried the “add username” option which ended up creating another public ID but didn’t present me with an opportunity to enter the passphrase.
Any way to do it either directly in the browser or editing some file(s)?


OK, it seems there is a way to share the same ID between instances of the blockstack browser located on different machines:
when first running the browser (or after resetting it) you should see a small grey line at the bottom of the login dialog that say “restore an existing keychain”. You can then enter the 12-word passphrase and choose a new password. You then end up with the same private key and initial public key.


  • it seems you can’t add any additional private/public key pair to your account, meaning you should be careful to create the things in the proper way from the beginning. I’d be delighted to be proved wrong on this point, since I can’t see why we shouldn’t be able to hold any number of key pairs.
  • there should be a way to recover a lost password, since resetting the browser is rather cumbersome
  • the info attached to one browser doesn’t seem to get synchronized with the other browser. In particular, the verification doesn’t seem to work for the second browser…