How can I verify my Facebook account?


I Still can’t get verified for a facebook account
here is my facebook profile page

still unverified after 40 mins


Did i have doing it right?
My Face Book Post


I have reset my browser but still no verification…


I have watch the video several times, I’ve hard refreshed both sites (even cleared browser data) I’ve tried different usernames and still no dice. Any suggestions?


same problem with me :frowning:


please email and we will be sure to get this figured out!


deleted the post - sorry


I’ve tried multiple times as well, can’t seem to get this to verify.


I was having a devil of a time Verifying my facebook account. Everything seemed to go well as per the detailed text instructions in the HELP ME FAQ, but it still Blockstack would NOT verify me.

Resolution was, I have never created a USERNAME for facebook. No john.doe in my facebook address.

I created my username in settings and went through the procedure , for the twentieth time, and BAM Verified.

I hope this helps someone else.