How can I verify my Facebook account?


Hello Gina, I have the same problem as other people in this forum, my Facebook and twitter account does not get verified.

This is from twitter

and this is from Facebook

Do you have any suggestions to what I can do to verify my accounts?


Hello, it is also not working for me FB verification…


I fixed it by NOT clicking on the “verify to Facebook” button, try to copy the link below step 2, go in to your FB profile and make a public post on your timeline. Then click on the upper left time display (when you made that post) and you will be able to copy the URL from there. Hope it solves the problem.


Hi Bruno,

Sorry for the confusion. Looks like it is missing the text above the URL. Please see above image for screenshot example of post.


I can’t verify FB account. Browser resetting doesn’t help. Here is my FB link:

What should I do?


Hey Tomik,

I’m sorry for the confusion here. Looks like you are missing the text at the top of the post. Final post should look like this:


Hi there, same problem on my side:

thanks a lot


Looks like you are missing the text at the top of the post. Final post should look like this —>

Can you see the screenshot? Hope that helps!


Hey Gina,

Indeed, but even with the text it does not work…


I already tried everything, but don’t manage to verify my facebook account.
Can you help?
Here the link:
Thank you!


Ok, I have done it, solved! Just copy and paste the link without pressing the button to post in facebook. =)


Cannot verify my facebook account. I put all needed info in the verification window and do not see any verifying button.

please help!

this is my post:


Hey Yonatan,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this! One thing that we have noticed is that there are actually multiple facebook usernames. Can you make sure that the username that you put in the browser is the same as in URL of your post?


I’ve watched the video, read all the info and followed what I thought was everything correctly but still not working. Have reset several times (cleared browser history & was sure to edit and remove user name starting over on the blockstack side) still can’t get it to verify FB




I have posted my verification of facebook about 20 hrs ago. It’s still not verified. I’d love to have that done before the period for registration ends. Here’s the link and it’s public:



Hi there, I am sorry that you are experiencing this. One obstacle that we have found is that facebook has multiple usernames in some cases. Can you please double check that your username in the post matches the username you entered in the Blockstack browser facebook verification prompt?

If this doesn’t work please email and we will be sure to get this figured out!


Hi there,

I’m sorry for the confusion here! Looks like the post is missing the URL. Final post should look like this:


Thanks a lot Gina. I think I’ve done it. Kindly please check it now.


Yep looks good! Do you see the blue verification check mark in browser? May have to do a browser reset if not. Let me know how it works for you!