Help w/ a Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow App


Hey Blockstackers,

I see tremendous potential to disrupt the real estate data and investment modeling space with blockstack apps.

For some background, ARGUS DCF and ARGUS ENTERPRISE are near monopoly cash flow modeling software applications within the commercial real estate space. ARGUS software is particularly good at modeling probabilistic leased-based discount cash flow (DCF) models. Most large commercial real estate brokerages model using ARGUS and send ARGUS “.SF” files to prospective investors to gauge their interest in the property. These .SF files contain both ‘facts’ about the property and its leases (such as the tenant names, lease dates, rent, square footage), as well as ‘assumptions’ about the future probability of tenants renewing, costs of renewable, an future market rental rates.

Many people don’t really like ARGUS, but it’s impossible not to operate without it in the commercial real estate space, especially in office, industrial, and retail investment business.

Furthermore, just for a subscription to ARGUS’s SaaS product requires a $500 MONTHLY investment. Ridiculous! I’ve been involved with implementing corporate ARGUS solutions and they can run in the 6-7 figures!!!

With blockstack, we could build a new cash flow modeling application that allows the user to keep their proprietray data local (something important to real estate professionals), and/or share information freely with other stakeholders without being subject to one monopoly SaaS provider.