Help: excluded U.S. States in 2019 Token sale


Hi there, I happen to live in Texas which is excluded from the public token sale :frowning: While I’m curious why this is, I’m more curious as to how I can invest in STX tokens…am I simply unable to participate? Will I have to wait until they end up on an exchange? If anyone can shed some light, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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I’m in the same boat up here in North Dakota. Been looking forward to the sale for almost 2 years now. I believe the issue here is that they need to be a registered securities Issuer-Dealer in the state to sell them directly. So I think it’s just a paperwork issue. Hoping they’re able to get the paperwork in and approved for ND before the sale closes. For more information in Texas, you might want to contact your state securities department or equivalent.