Google Drive Dapp equivalent?


Hi, I am looking for a Google Drive Blockstack Dapp equivalent that has ability to create parent and sub-folders, rename folder and able to see the folder tree.

Any recommendation?


Maybe try these two:


Thanks @friedger I am currently using XOdrive. Thanks for your recommendation. I’ve also checked out pDrive. Interestingly, XOdrive and pDrive has the same exact UX/UI. Felt like the same Dapp but with different names. Maybe it is completely different under the hood, but that’s beyond my expertise since I am not a developer. Cheers!


From what I can see (very little as both are not open source) they use different development frameworks. I think we will have similar experiences with other apps as well. Some apps are just a UI layer between you and your data. So, naturally, the UX will be probably similar. Current pDrives feels slightly better to me personally.

There is a new way to store data coming to blockstack (for developers). This will mean that in the future you could switch between pdrive and xor drive and still see your same files…


Wow thanks for sharing insight on this. I am very excited on the possibility to be able to switch between pdrive and xor drive and still see my same files and folder structures, etc. This is HUGE and a GAME CHANGER.

I understand dapps and Blockchain is at it’s infancy stage and will need time to evolve to better UI/UX. While I patiently wait and watch as this community and user adoption grow…I am so excited for the future of Web 3.0.


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You can use D-Drives from inside Dmails, you can create folders, rename it, upload your files, send files as an attachment directly with Dmails … and many more

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#7 What is your model for the files? Do you mind to post a suggestion to blockstack collection schema like this: