Give Graphite Feedback, Earn Stacks


With many new features released, UI changes, and minor tweaks since this community reward task was launched, I wanted to re-surface it. For anyone new to Blockstack, new to the forum, or new to Graphite, I’d love it if you could try out Graphite, provide some feedback, and earn yourself a few Stacks tokens.

Learn more here:


Trying it out, but looks like the integration of stealthy chat is not working for me. @jehunter5811


Do you have a Blockstack ID w/username? If so, what are you seeing when you click the Stealthy chat button?


Yeah, that is all setup. see the photo below for reference.


Interesting. Can you tell me what browser you’re using and what operating system?

Also, if you can right click, choose inspect, then open the console, that’d be helpful if you could send a screenshot of that.


Im using MaCOsHigh Sierra 10.13.4 with BraveBrowser 0.23.77, but i also tried it with google chrome Version 68.0.3440.75 but still the same, see the attached file for the screenshot of the console.


Thanks for that. I’m looping the Stealthy team in, because I don’t see anything in that screenshot that suggests Graphite is preventing the Stealthy window from loading.

@prabhaav, thoughts on this?


Not really sure what the problem could be. @livpayawal can you login to standalone stealthy:

Are those console errors from when you’re in Graphite Docs or Stealthy?


Yes, i can login on standalone but errors on console are popping out, couldn’t even send a message to another account