Gaia update (cloud storage support)


As blockstack has this experimental feature for new user signups that they can use any cloud storage as their gaia hub, but i cant figure out how to use google drive as my gaia hub.
(* i tried creating a publicly accessible drive folder and use its link for gaia storage but it didnt work).
anyone knows how it’ll work with drive or drop box maybe.


You need to enter the URL of a Gaia Hub here. The Gaia Hub can be configured to use different cloud storage services. You can run a hub yourself or use the default Blockstack provided hub at


yeah i know that i need to enter URL of a GAIA hub here, but how can i make my google drive a gaia hub ?


Unfortunately there’s no way to make your Google Drive a Gaia hub, at least not easily and directly. We hope to build out Gaia support for consumer storage services like Google Drive over time, but there’s currently no timeline available for that.

If you wanted to set up a Gaia hub to store your data on your Google Drive, you’d need to configure it very specially to do so. And if you’re interested in reading into the details of how Gaia and Gaia hubs work, I’d recommend starting here:

Please let me know if you have any more questions or feedback about those materials!

Also, I’m curious – are you looking to set up Google Drive for a Blockstack ID you’ll use for an application you’re developing? Or for an app built by someone else?


I was using an application built by someone else, but im also developing an app on blockstack.