Gaia Storage vs. Other Decentralized Providers


Is there a comparison of Gaia Storage and other decentralized storage providers out there such as Oyster Pearl, Sia, Storj, IPFS, and so on? Detailing the strengths and weaknesses of not only Gaia but the other platforms as well in relation to Gaia?


Just committed a project comparison matrix to the README in develop:


Quick question on that list - what does “Data is content-addressed” mean?

Otherwise that’s pretty sweet. Thanks for the write up!


Content-addressed means that the name for the data is derived from the data itself (e.g. the hash or fingerprint of the data is the data’s name). It makes a difference from both a user and developer experience perspective because content-addressed data names are usually random and incomprehensible in order to avoid name collisions. Gaia is not content-addressed; you get to choose the name for your data separately from the data’s contents.

For example, in Gaia, you can address any file just by knowing who wrote it, what the app’s domain was, and what the name of the data was ( refers to the file statuses.json written by for