Forgot password to migrate data after browser update


After an update I get the following message:

We have updated the browser.

Please enter your password to migrate your data to the new version.

Incorrect Password


The password you entered when you created this Blockstack ID.##

How can I restore my password? I have my 12-word phrase to recover but how can I open the web application and choose to restore my Blockstack ID?


This is happening to me - but only using Safari on my IOS device. Safari works ok on desktop. Chrome browser on IOS is OK too.


You can reset the browser and use the 12 word phrase to restore. This will usually ask for a new password.


But first I have to enter my password to migrate my data to the new browser version. To reset the browser you have to get access to it! Problem is I forgot my password…


hey, are you running from the blockstack-browser download, or the webapp? If the first one, what operating system and browser? If the second, what browser?

I would recommend perusing the common problems portion here and following config options here to ensure you are set up correctly:

let me know how far you get from here.


Hey folks. This ‘upgrade’ screen is expected and required, because we had to update some of your settings, and you need your password to be able to decrypt some of your settings.

If you’ve forgotten your password, and you can’t get to the ‘reset browser’ screen, you can manually reset by opening the Javascript console, and then typing localStorage.clear(), and pressing enter. You can then refresh the page, and you’ll be prompted to restore with your seed phrase.

If you’re on iOS, you can go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data. Then search for ‘’, and swipe that tile to reveal the ‘Delete’ button. That should clear the state for you.

In the future, maybe we should have a ‘reset browser’ button on this dialogue, because I can see how you’d get stuck here if you forgot your password.

Unable to log in after browser update

Just to be clear: I did not forget my password, but when trying to log in via IOS Safari, I get an “incorrect passed” error (though I know it’s correct).

I’ve only run into this with IOS Safari, not IOS Chrome or the desktop versions of either.

I’ll try the Safari reset you describe.


Works perfectly!