Feedback: On-boarding needs to be much better


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I agree with much of what was written.

We have a couple research/prototyping efforts going on to find better solutions. If you:

  • Know a project that is doing decentralized ID UX well on the web, please share.
  • Know amazing UI engineers that want to work on this type of stuff.

That help would be greatly appreciated and could accelerate this work.

I know this puzzle is critical for the success of Blockstack, but you might be surprised at how many critical projects the PBC is juggling. We are doing our best to prioritize impactful work. Thx for your patience.

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I’m not surprised at all. You wanna on top, big and change the world - you have to deal with that. How many problems Elon Musk have to deal with?

I’m Chairman of BAMCARE Ltd - a very small company. (see our website) - I think I have a lot of problems too but most my friends (who are CEOs) told me that everybody has problems.

So a lot is not a lot though. Problems scale with your company/project scale.

Recommend book: If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself!


I like the idea od shooting various videos for different levels, as you mentioned: new user, developper etc. Maybe it will be interesting to make one that introduces a user into the world of crypto, explains the terminology in a fun way. This will attract much more people who might get interested in ur platform later on

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Yes, great suggestion. I guess it will attract more users.


I agree, this has always been a bit odd to me as well, in my opinion instead of it being called the “Blockstack Browser” (perhaps there was initial intentions to have full blown browser?)
As it stands though, it should be called something like “Blockstack Dashboard” … this alone would be much more intuitive for the users imo.


That would be really more convenient to change the name of it for Dashboard.