Facebook does not work


Very academic it does not work at all



I know the Blockstack team is super busy, so I’ll try to lend a hand.

Can you please provide a link to your FB post for manual review.

You could also be experiencing an api connectivity issue for the Blockstack-Browser to validate the FB post.

Do you show any console log errors (hit F12 while on ID’s tab)
If you have errors, please share the screenshot of them here.

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Hey @mechas, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

I’m happy to help you get this straightened out. Can you post your ID-address so I can inspect the proof and offer next steps? Also, have you seen the Facebook step-by-step guide here?


I’m having the same issue – I followed the tutorial to post on facebook but am still unverified. My post is here:



Can I get some help here?


Same here.


Please verify my account


https://www.facebook.com/vijan.neupane45/posts/2830179243735796 please kindly verify


What is this, does no one moderate the forum? Lots of people having issues…


Hey there, this thread should be helpful: How can I verify my Facebook account?