Evangelist / Open Community Meeting - 5.21.2020

A little bit late but here’s the recap from our previous Evangelist/Open Community Meeting. Please see our community call-to-action to help move the ecosystem forward! :point_up: The more we share, the more we work better together! :muscle:

:paperclip:Paper Doc

Our Community Call-to-Action :white_check_mark:

By completing each task box you are helping our community create a better Blockstack ecosystem.

:ballot_box_with_check: Ping Shannon if you’re interested in hosting a PoX or Clarity Meetup
:ballot_box_with_check: Please let us know if there are any virtual meetups/conferences that we could get involved!
:ballot_box_with_check: How can we help @Marvin J to push “Ryder” into production? If you wanna collaborate or want to give some feedback please tweet him at @MarvinJanssen.
:ballot_box_with_check: Ping Juliet if you want to join the governance working group and help in writing their governance proposal!
:ballot_box_with_check: Make your Github account, we’re managing all our community initiatives in this repo.
:ballot_box_with_check: The simplest way to get involved with the BM working group is to read the issues in this repo.

Community Updates :mute:

Introducing our new Blockstack Evangelists

  • :czech_republic:Adam Koza from Prague (@ TooSalty4U )
    Adam is the son of @pete czech language teacher. He is mainly interested in Web Development and Security Technology.

  • :us:Michael Brevil from Miami
    Michael is a math Teacher and Professor in Miami Florida. In 2018, he was introduced to Blockchain. Ever since, he became a Blockchain Enthusiast and a Blockstack believer. Michael wants help build a local Blockstack community in Miami Florida, and spread the word why this technology will be the Apple of Blockchain.

  • :us: Akshay Gupta from NYC
    Askshay came across Blockstack a few years ago. He’s been following Ethereum for quite some time and very much into Smart Contracts.

  • :us: Erik Calco from Cleveland

Leo in Telegram won the 1st #memecompetition with this entry

Blockstack BTC Halving Party

From Marvin’s article Stealing app Private Keys in Blockstack RYDER
The Blockstack hardware identity “RYDER” wallet is still being worked on. Currently creating a nice bridge interface and identity selector. An easy to use (Node) API is also in the works. @Marvin J would be curious to hear who would be interested in playing around with it when the time comes.

Joe evangelizing Blockstack all over the world :world_map:

@whoabuddy and Pete Van Velden thanks for leading the InHolland Session! You can see full progress here.

:fire: Blocksuvey is doing a lifetime deal with dealify.com! Congrats Wilson and Harini.

Shannon gave an overview of upcoming community events. Here are some highlights :point_down:

Jenny gave a quick update about our testnet progress with special shoutout to our Ambassadors.

Joe did a quick check in with Phase 1 of Clarity Hackathon. We had 141 participants with 49 submissions. I’m quite pumped to hear the winners already. Lastly, just want everyone to know that we’re kicking it up w/ one notch for Phase 2 of Clarity Hack by focusing on tooling!

:balance_scale:Governance WG c/o Juliet
According to Juliet, Lane will be reviewing the result and will share what the next steps are. They are also talking about releasing a small survey for the reason that their previous survey was 40mins long and that could be the main reason for people dropping off.

The Stacks Foundation, which will be operating independently of Blockstack PBC, has officially launched in a major step toward decentralization. Learn more about the foundation.

:briefcase:Business Models WG c/o Jason
For the business model working group, they have few things going on. Jason reiterated that we will use Github moving forward as this will help our community to see all the on-going initiatives. As Jason said “Issues” are a way for documenting our ideas in an organized manner!

Everything is now in our Github repo, renamed from biz-model_pm to BMWG_pm

  • Simple way to stay involved: review the issues! Two in particular for focus:
  • New agenda issue template (example from last week)
  • Rescheduling next week meetings (issue)

:gear:PoX WG
Harini said that their group is currently concentrating on testnet and Clarity Hackathon activities as some of them are participating in it. Aside from that, their group started running a miner node while some are working on reviewing the UX of Stacks testnet explorer with Alex! Looks like everyone is already looking forward to Argon phase.

Community Bounties :rocket:

Guys, we’re unlocking more bounties at every phase! Help us test, poke, and tinker our testnet at every phase.

Non-Technical Bounties
Each bounty is listed as an issue in this repo. Criteria for each bounty may vary, but for most bounties, you can simply post a link to your submission in the comments under each issue.

Community Challenge Bounties Available
:new: Host a testnet virtual meetup/hacking session for the Blockstack community (1) One
:new: Translate “Running a Miner” documentation into one of the following community languages (4 bounties available) (4) Four
[ ] Write a blog about your testnet experience (2) Two
[ ] Translate mining documentation into one of the following community languages (4) Four
[ ] Refer a friend and help them get on the Stacks 2.0 testnet (2) Two
[ ] Post about your testnet experience on social media (3) Three

Technical Bounties
Bug and tooling bounties are already out at testnet.blockstack.org.

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