Evangelist Meeting Minutes - June 7, 2018


Recording - we had trouble with the recording today, so here are the notes and outcomes!

Main event: Hank joined us and presented on the value of Blockstack from a developer’s perspective and covered the key pieces that make up Blockstack and what makes it different from other solutions.

Key takeaways from the presentation:


  • Hank presented, slides above ^
  • Housekeeping: If you’re not in the Official Evangelist Slack channel, ping @mitchell on Slack to be added. If you are not listed on https://community.blockstack.org and would like to be, ping @mitchell as well.
  • We do not have an updated Roadmap as of yet, but we are implementing OKRs internally and an outcome will be an updated roadmap that we share, thanks for your patience here!
  • Reminder that you can likely get space for your Meetups through WeWork, information on how to request a space is pinned to the official Evangelist Slack channel.
  • A Shout out to Dan Trevino and Chris Porter for their work on #DappHack in Atlanta! If anyone would like to participate in hackathons, please let us know!
  • Tabled for an asynchronous discussion - Meetups, their value, and more. Here’s a document where you can drop your thoughts, many thanks for your input here!

Open questions and suggestions from the call:

  • Better information/answers to ‘where does my app or data actually live?’ - @hank to follow up
  • Tutorials for using Blockstack with things like Heroku and Netlify - @hank to follow up
  • GAIA migration tool feature tracking/documentation is wanted.
  • Noted that a comparison of regular apps vs dapps on Blockstack and how they stack up at a component level would be really useful as well as a tutorial for migrating an existing app to Blockstack and/or decentralizing an existing app