Evangelist Meeting Minutes August 2, 2018


Happy Thursday everyone, thanks for joining us. Unfortunately we didn’t get a recording this time, but I’ve listed the items we discussed here. If you have any questions or would like to know more on a given item, chime in below or ping @mitchell on Slack. Thanks!

  • A new version of the website launched at blockstack.org - the idea here was to make it more focused on developers and the things they need to get started. If you see any bugs or have feedback, let us know!
  • App Rewards Mining - I covered this concept and am soliciting feedback from any technical Evangelists on how we communicate its value to developers, thank you Dan for jumping in! If anyone else would like to check out the deck we’re workshopping, please ping @mitchell on Slack!
  • Decentralizing the World Tour - hopefully you all received the invite from me - if you’d like to be a part of the tour just let me know. (If you’ve never organized a Meetup before please use the form linked in the email). More information and resources to come on this front!


  • Dan caught up the previous call he missed and had a suggestion to Omar’s question around getting started despite not being technical or having a highly technical group attending the Meetup. His suggestion was that simply going through the browser setup process and getting folks moving toward using their first app was really valuable in a Meetup he did with people that came out because of the word ‘blockchain’ in his event title/description. Tapping this audience and showing them these basics can be a great way to start - he and Mary from our team are working on a presentation and then I’ll make that into a pre-packaged Meetup you all can use. Remember also, there are lot’s of new Meetup Resources available here, including a starter Meetup with more of pre-packaged ones to come.