Evangelist Meeting Minutes - April 12



Developer Call to Action

  • Submit Bugs! We need Dev support flagging bugs and areas in need of Documentation. Visit our Bounties for Bugs page to get started.

Call Agenda

  • Input on Meeting Format
  • Meetup.com Update
  • Bounties for Bugs
  • Request for Resources & Docs
  • User Feedback Ask
  • Questions asked on the call

Input on Meeting Format

  • We are still experimenting with the Evangelist Call format and our communication channels. We’d love to hear your suggestions for making this meeting better. Share your input here.

Meetup.com Update

  • Blockstack now has a Meetup Pro Account.
  • You are welcome to use the account to organize your next event.
  • Meetup groups now offer discounted space at some Wework locations.
  • Reach out to Mitchell - mitchell@blockstack.com to get started.

Bounties for Bugs

Request for Resources & Docs

  • As an Evangelist, what other resources would you like Blockstack to create for your events?
    Resources Requested on the call:
    • More slide decks on Github
    • A template for organizing a Meetup

Request for Developers to Give User Feedback

  • Our Product Manager, Jeff Domke, is looking for some Developers (unfamiliar with Blockstack) to do some user testing on Blockstack homepage content. If someone you know would be a good fit, please send an intro to Jeff - jeff@blockstack.com

Questions Asked on the Call

Gabrielle: How would like us to handle event expenses?
PK: How should we add attendees to the Blockstack Community?
PK: How should we ask for tech support?
Michael: How to schedule events in the Blockstack Calendar?
  • You do not need our approval to schedule activity locally (unless you have a budget request).
  • If you would like a Blockstack Engineer to speak or mentor at your event (virtually or in-person). Send us an email with the target date and estimated attendance, we’ll work with our team to find the best fit.
  • You can add your event to the Blockstack calendar at: community.blockstack.org/events (click the submit event button to add your event details)
Shankar: Is it ok to collaborate with existing Hackathons?
  • Yes! Please do. No need to wait for our permission. Usually the bottleneck is funding (a lot of events ask for sponsorship). If that’s the case, or if you need support from the Blockstack team (swag, decks etc.) just ask. Send us an email and we’ll see where we can help.
Shankar: What is the best way to support someone interested in Building a Dapp?
Maggie: Any tips good tips to help put together my first meetup?
  • For your first meetup, keep it simple! Find a venue and post something on meetup.com or a local forum.
  • Dont worry if it’s a small group to start.
  • From PK and Gabrielle: Partnering with Local meetups and coding camps is a great way to build attendance. Coding schools are often willing to lend space, and are always looking for new content to share with their students.
Maggie: Can Evangelists attend the Boston Blockchain Event?
  • We are still figuring out Ryan’s schedule and not sure if he will be speaking here. If we have any available tickets, we’ll reach out.


Can you please share Blockstack’s presentation template to create PowerPoint slides.


Thanks for the feedback @ShankarGanesh_PJ . We’ll add that to the list of requested resources.