Email said I would see a voucher email 1st December, where is it?


Just curious if there is any update on the ICO for those wanting to invest less than $3000. Last email I had said I would be emailed December 1 my voucher.


Has there been a response to this question? Please link if so.


waiting here too…i hope us little guys get the chance.




I think you should have it by now. I received mine about an hour ago and I’d imagine they all went out about the same time.


Yep, I received mine.


I also received my voucher last night.


Ended up receiving mine too, for sometime in 2018…

Was this obvious to very many that the accredited investors part of the sale and the regular users sale would effectively be at 2 different parts of the year? I’m curious if anyone is able to explain why this is done this way, or potentially examples of others who have done this similarly.


It has to do with whether or not the Stacks will be deemed a security. If they are deemed a security, under the current U.S. law, accredited investors are still able to hold them because of the vetting process; non-accredited investors would not be able to.

In my opinion, Blockstack is doing the right thing because if they sold Stacks to non-accredited investors now and then down the line they were determined to be a security, they’d be in the messy situation of having to return the non-accredited investors money or possibly being sued by them.

By doing it this way they’re covering their bases and ensuring everything is done above the board, and I actually applaud them for this because it shows they aren’t doing it for a quick money grab.


Same here. I did not receive.

#11 Please email [email protected] if you still haven’t recieved your voucher!

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Hi @wx138738, the network will tentatively go live in Q3/Q4 2018. Once the network is live, the token sale for unaccredited investors begins and vouchers will be redeemable then. We’ll have more information for you soon.


It seems, it was simply expired…

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it’s been more than a year:smile:

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