Download new blockstack version


Hi there Sebastian,

Allmost all my names are not visible anymore.
I want to recover them, being able to follow them and renew them when renewal date arrives.

In order to refresh my blockstack ID account, I wanted to download the latest blockstack version.

But, the problem is, when the latest version is downloaded on my macbook it says it is not possible to replace the application I already have.
How can I sorted it out, without loosing my names.

Kinds regards



Hi @maritwera,

You can reinstall/update your Blockstack app and restore your keychain. Please note that only your default ID will be restored. You’ll have to Create New ID for each name you’ve purchased when you click More in your browser. The names should be added automatically.


Hi @sebastian, is it possible to merge blockstack id’s of various owner addresses into one? I know how to transfer blockstack ID’s using the CLI, but how can this be done when they are part of browser wallets?