Does anyone successfully use their own s3 storage to store the data of personal app?


I’m quite curious about the Gaia implementation, and I’ve read the blockstack technical whitepaper. I thought it of a great tool to expand the limited capacity of blockchain.

I downloaded the source code of Blockstack-todo app, and I have registered AWS and would like to use S3 as my own storage back end, but I failed to find the way to upload my todo app data to the cloud. After I check the source code, I didn’t find the key code of using personal gaia hub.

Can anyone help me?


The Gaia Hub is not something you connect the app to - it’s something you connect your account to. The Todo-App doesn’t store it’s data in a centralized S3/etc service, but rather goes through the user’s preferred Gaia Hub and therefore the cloud service they choose.

In order to make your user account use the Gaia Hub of your choice you’d have to set that preference in the browser, (settings -> api settings -> URL for Gaia Hub Connection), though I don’t think it’s officially supported yet.


Thank you for your reply.
Does that mean I couldn’t use my own storage backend as a blockstack-todo app user because it’s not officially supported yet?


You would use your own storage backend as a Blockstack user, not as an app user. That’s the difference. Every user is (should be) able to decide what Gaia Hub they want to use, not only for a particular app’s data but also for their profile information, etc.

I don’t think the browser makes switching Gaia Hubs easy or even possible, though I’ve never tried to do it besides poking around to give you what I found above.


Thank you very much! You are so kind!