Diploma project about Blockstack authentication protocol


I am trying to use this app but I got an issue related to install “blockchainauth” as it need “bitmerchant==0.1.7” while it is not available as the below error :

Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement bitmerchant==0.1.7 (from blockchainauth) (from versions: 0.1.8)
No matching distribution found for bitmerchant==0.1.7 (from blockchainauth)


@minafarouk Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you log this issue on the repository issues, please? This is likely an issue with that code.


@moxiegirl Unfortunately the repository is archived. It is now read-only and there is no availability to submit an issue . Appreciate if anyone here can support .


@minafarouk You could try forking the project (https://github.com/spankratov/django-blockstack) and fixing the dependency issue yourself.

@larry might have another suggestion to help you out.


@moxiegirl Thank you for your continuous support. I made your suggestion and some additional work around to install and the installation is succeeded . But now I stuked with step No 5 in the documentation that related to redirection to blockstack. As I made AuthRequest ,verified and got AuthRequest token .
How can I redirect to block stack Authentication? .As per step No 5 in the documentation, Nothing is happened.Appreciate your support if you can help .


Hi @minafarouk can you give me a link to the documentation you are following?


Hey @minafarouk,

The django_blockstack plugin uses a deprecated package (blockchainauth) which has not been maintained since May 2017. However, if you want to use django_blockstack nevertheless, you should consider forking blockchainauth and updating its required package list to include bitmerchant=0.1.8 instead of bitmerchant=0.1.7.

Hope this helps!


Hi @moxiegirl on the README.rst file of the repo for Quick start https://github.com/spankratov/django-blockstack


Hi @jude .Thank you for your support and I will make required changes as per your suggestion for python 3. Appreciate your support for the issue of redirection as I got AuthRequset (as below) but the redirection is not working .


Hello Dears,

I solved the issue of redirection as I redirect now to “https://browser.blockstack.org/auth?authRequest=” + AuthRequest token but after redirection I got an error message:
“Failed to fetch information about the app requesting authentication. Please contact the app maintainer to resolve the issue.”

While searching on the forum some suggested to make sure the mainfest.json is added in a right way to the app as"domain.com/manifest.json" and I am sure that is working fine as per this suggestion. Any one can support for determining the issue?
And how Blockstack fetch the needed information from the app ?