Dealing with users without usernames


There were a lengthy discussion on slack about how apps should deal with user who don’t have (yet) a confirmed username.

Questions that came up:

  • Is it better if radiks is using identity addresses instead of usernames? (
  • Can users have several blockstack names with the same identity address?
  • How can apps know whether a username is pending?
  • What is best practice if the user wants to publish data? Or share data with a user who has a pending name?
  • Should users without a username be allowed to use radiks (as radiks is an indexer of users’ gaia buckets)
  • What should happen to data when a username is transferred to a new identity address (same user with new keys or new owner with new keys)? Affects all apps using radiks and OI Chat, Graphite,…


As of an old post, pending usernames can be queried: