Dappy Wallet


Hey @eugene :slightly_smiling_face:

Troublehooting Question: I’m trying to add a custom token to my Dappy Wallet. When I select the dropdown menu (curretly set to Bitcoin) and attempt to select Ethereum (or any other protocol), I am unable to do so. The cursor will highlight the option, but when I click it will not select the option and the dropdown remains open until I click outside of the menu. Bitcoin then remains as the selected option.

Would love some help. Thanks!


How can you find private keys in dappy?


Can it be used with 3commas trading bots?


Hello everyone! Built-in exchange service (shapeshift) temporarily unavailable. Their API no longer works now that they require sign up. I will let you know when it’s back up and running! :pray:


hey, you can find it in coin’s context menu:

Hope this help!


no, it is not compatible


I created issue. I will let you know when it was fixed.


Hi @eugene . Just started with Blockstack and happy to have found the Dappy App. At the moment it seems pretty important to the growth of the block-stack eco-system (Creating a smoother experience for users who already signed up with blockstack) and I would love to know if the wallet is capable of being used for a marketplace and swapping to fiat.