Dappy Wallet


Hello everyone,

I’m Eugene from BCnet. We are doing a decentralized multi-currency wallet for Blockstack and ShapeShift Bounty – Dappy Wallet. Is a light universal wallet with decentralised storage powered by Blockstack. It uses Gaia decentralized storage and encryption option. In-app exchange is supported by ShapeShift, it allows to convert coins to each other in the most intuitive and easiest way. Dappy Wallet doesn’t store or proceed user private key, the all data are securely stored in the Gaia.

Video walkthrough: https://youtu.be/05xzujrV1Pc
Read our Announcement on Medium.

Let us know what you think about Dappy, we’ll appreciate any feedback!


Hello Eugene,

This is great news! Looking forward to Wallet that could intuitively swap coins! Keep us abreast about the progress.



Hey, thanks for your interest! Updates coming soon. Do you use Dappy?


Pleased to announce the launch of our new website – https://dappywallet.com
Let us know what you think about Dappy, we’ll appreciate any feedback! :thinking:


FYI on your landing page you seem to have a slight grammar error.


I know this is not entirely inaccurate spelling here, but i’d suggest using Authentication to avoid potential confusion.


@cryptocracy Fixed :hammer_and_wrench:! Thanks for your comments.


Dappy Wallet is Blockstack & ShapeShift Signature Bounty winner, finally! :tada::trophy:

Create your first decentralized wallet! :blockstack: Go to – https://dappywallet.com


Very slick! Already a big fan of Dappy :slight_smile:


Hello! I can’t login to the Dappy Wallet application, when I sign in with Blockstack id, a black screen appears with the inscription “check in progress” (Windows 10)


Hello @mike0182 You need to be login in Blockstack Browser or Blockstack Desktop for work with wallet.


Hey @muneebm thank you! :v:


@mike0182 step-by-step tutorial :star_struck:


Yes, of course I know that, I login through the Blockstack browser


@mike0182 excuse me for not having answered your letter sooner. What browser are you using?


Hi! I’m using Blockstack browser


@mike0182 chrome, safari? I mean it)


--------- chrome-------


The screenshot you posted above looks like a much older version of the browser. It’s possible that there’s been some breaking change in the authentication flow. You might want to try updating.


Yes, in the new version it worked, thank you!