dApps / Blockstack and SEO -> Anyone looked into this?


For dApps on Blockstack that allow users to publish content publicly, do Google’s crawlers take the data in the same way into their index as from other websites, or are their any issues?
Any special setup needed?

Just wondering if anyone has already looked into this. Thanks!


think different. Google living in the centralized world. And google is the god of the centralized web. no one can touch on that. we need to find a way to build a new search engine on the blockchain.


The question has a simple practical background. Many dApps will need for discovery reasons, user adaption, search engines to be found, especially if a big part of the value is publicly provided information (think for example Quora, Stackoverflow for a decentralized platform).
Building specialised search engines for the decentralized world, sure, great, though you need to get to the space where the eyeballs currently are. For the ecosystem itself it will be crucial that dApps can compete in the same space as the centralised apps in order to bring users to the “other side”.


Since apps all use an index.html file, the same SEO principles can be applied to these decentralized apps as traditional apps.